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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Dann, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Dann New Member

    I would like to get into it but don't have a ton of money to buy one of those really fancy rods or reels....any got any ideas.....or suggestions and maybe some flys to try out.....
  2. Steve Buckner Mother Nature's Son

    Your best bet would be to head to a reputable fly shop and ask to cast a few rods. Don't be intimidated by the salesman and cast inexpensive as well as expensive rods. If you're an experienced caster, you'll be able to tell which rods work better.

    Now that you have some idea what rod you like, who the manufacturer is, model number, line weight, etc., you have a couple of options. One option would be to build the rod. Another option is to buy the rod and/or to find it used. You'll be looking at a 7 or 8 weight rod and there are many used rods for sale if you keep your eyes peeled.

    If you're looking to get a rod/reel/line/flies, plan on spending at least $150.00, and probably more. This is still on the inexpensive side however, as many high-end rods run over $600.00, reels often run $150.00 to $600.00 and lines will run up to $120.00 or so.

    Depending upon where you are with your fly fishing, I'd suggest not buying a rod either based solely on brand name and/or because of price. There are inexpensive rods out there that cast very well.

  3. Dann New Member

    thanx for the advice....

    Happy fishin:thumb
  4. pwoens Active Member

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    Try and borrow a friends if you can...thats the cheapest way ;-) .

    Alot of people say cast before you buy...I have never done that (maybe cause im an idiot sometimes) but point being I am happy with nearly all my rods (and im a rod whore so I have a few). I did buy a sage ds2 without casting it and then sold it after the first few casts cause I hated it!! Even though it goes against some peoples ethics, I like to surf online for gear once in a while. I got hooked up with some 180.00 reels brand new for 45.00 and a 320.00 rod for 100.00. You can get line all over ebay for 20.00 - 30.00. Also fly shops close out old items or discontinued items or even close out manufacturers that they dont want to carry anymore so keep an eye on your local shops for those deals :thumb .

    ~Patrick ><>
  5. Luv2flyfish Another Flyfisherman

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    No matter any way you look at it or approach it, you will end up spending some serious cash if you get into it seriously. buying a few flies here and there drains the wallet these days....then of course you start tying. I had a pretty stocked fly tying set up for idaho and montana trout fishing. I have easily dumped another grand at least into materials/hooks/etc just for Steelhead and salmon out here since I got to this wonderful state. there are ways of course to not spend soo much, but it'll hit you that you have seriously invested into these fish and rivers once you start hitting it hard. I fish at least 4 days a week......every time costs money in some fashion....gotta love it. Did someone say that this a hobby.......its an obsession, a sickness, and there is no cure. I thought the cure was catchin that first steely - well that happened last friday night - it only made it worse. Tight Lines!! J
  6. Dann New Member

    so what kind of line do you use?
  7. markp Guest

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    I agree it isnt a hobby anymore. Even though I've only fly fished since last Oct every time I hit the water which is alot lately it cost something. I seem to run trhu tippet, leaders and I lose a wet fly just about every other day. It all adds up to some cash. On a side note has anyone else broken a hook while pressing the barb down? I couldn't believe it just broke. It was a first for me and another $2 down the drain:(
  8. Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

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    I like the Scientific Anglers Ultra3 lines for steelheading. Try to get a type 4 or 5 sink tip, and a floating.

    I hate to be contriarian, but fly fishing is still quite inexpensive. Hit the Outdoor Emporium, and get a W.W. Grigg rod, an Okuma Sierra or Integrity reel, and the fly lines and backing and you will spend $150 for a complete setup.

    My Grigg rod and Okuma reels are still going strong, and are still my 'go to' outfit for steelheading.

  9. pwoens Active Member

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    Depends on where your fishing and the conditions (summer/fall/winter/water levels/ect...) in which your fishing. I have Scientific Angler Mastery series for my steelie lines :dunno but run Orvis Wonderline for all my trout lines ??
    ~Patrick ><>
  10. Richard Torres Active Member

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    There's nothing like tying your own flies, (even simple egg imitations out of yarn) and catching steelhead off of them. I started out with a cheap tying setup and over the years added to it. Asking friends and family for feathers (someone should have a pet bird or chickens), assorted materials, even red hair from my daughters barbie after she decided to give it a haircut! LOL.. The local craft store has a plethora of assorted materials to start off with. Thats part of the fun to catching fish!
    Tight lines:thumb
  11. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Yeah,the idiot sold it to me and it is one of my better casting rods now. One mans garbage is another mans glory. Please don't ask me where that came from as my foot is killing me and my mind is wandering.

    I always look at it this way. I don't have the top of the line rods and I still have fun with what I got. Not everyone's budget can swing those brand name rods. I go along with Tight loops way of getting rods that work. I caught a huge Chum on a 8wt Phulger(Spelling?) with a Okuma reel and I got it in with no problem $40.00 bucks for rod,$40.00 for reel and $10.00 for line. After I used it a little while I up graded.

  12. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Since you live in Seattle,try Outdoor Emporium for your flies.$.79 cents a pop. As you are still learning and loose a few now and then this is a cheaper way to go that $2.00 a fly. Plus there are a few on line places that you can get them cheaper. You got to search for them. Try Hills Flies on this site. They have closeouts on their site every now and again.

  13. KerryS Ignored Member

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    If you have broken hooks by pinching down the barb or afterwards when fishing. You might be putting to much pressure on the hook when pinching down the barb. To much pressure crystalizes the metal in the hook. Results, they break just about where the barb is. Not sure this is what you are doing but I have done this many times.

  14. Dann New Member

    thanx for the help guys...yeh I have tried to tye some trout flys before but they look like crap and didn't work.....I know most guys like to tye their own but I just don't have the time most the days.....and would rather spend it on the river/stream/creek catching a good size cut/rainbow......

    thanx everyone that has given advice.....

  15. markp Guest

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    Well I'm lucky I beleive in santa claus:) I've put the word out to both people:) that consider buying me xmas presents to look for fly gear. I never tell them exactly what I want thats the fun and surprise part. Yes I said both LOL