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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by flyfis4fun, Sep 6, 2005.

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    Hey guys, I am in the hunt for a new steelhead rod. I bought a cheap rod a few years ago to see if I would get into it enough to justify a nicer rod. After hooking a number of steelhead the last 2 years I am now a quivering, shaking, addicted fool like the rest of ya. :p

    Anyway, I am would like to pick up a rod for the upcoming season here on the east side so I need some suggestions: Here are my criteria:

    1.) Under $350
    2.) Casts well without turning your arm into a noodle after 3 hours on the river.
    3.) Handles the weight of sink tip well.
    4.) Catches lots of I guess that isn't something we can buy. That is up to me but it was worth a try.

    My brother is a huge fan of Rogue rods and I have to admit, I liked the power and feel of the rod. I know TFO is a great mid priced name but I haven't had a chance to cast one yet. Any other brands I should check out while I am at it?

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. Porter Active Member

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    Sage DS2...nice rod...find many new on Ebay.
    Dont know about the new VT2 Rods but worth considering.
    TFO ...Pro or Ticr...great value performance for $$$$
    Do Rogue come in 4-piece.....because...and believe me is nice to have a four piece....You might ask why...Ask yourself why? I don't believe they do.
    Redington CPS....comparisons to the Sage XP.....Same Company...same thoughts...same tapers of thoughts.....same modulus of thoughts. I don't know but have read many ..who think the two are much alike.
    St. Croix Ultra Legend is also in the $ range......nice rod good components and attractive sweet thing...with great history.
    Oh...don't forget there is TFO...TFO...Echo...Echo....Elkhorn...Elkhorn....Scott...Scottt.....Loomis ...Loomis....St. Croix.....Albright........and the freakin list goes on. Rods Rods Rods..........You have the advantage...Good Luck
  3. lx-88 Member

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    Take a look at the Sage Launch series.
  4. Porter Active Member

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    Oh I forgot all about the Fli and Launch series.....I'm a dumbass sometimes.
  5. Flyfishsteel New Member

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    350.00 opens ALOT of doors of opportunity...

    If your lucky like I was, you can maybe find on Ebay mint/new Sage XP 9'6" 8wt 4pc or Loomis GLX 10' 4pc,etc. at the price you are looking for if you have the patience. Check every couple of hours or so on the search menu.

    Ebay is the #1 place to start looking for deals, especially in the 350.00 range. Under 200.00, you are better off buying new at a retail store. In my opinion the best 200.00 rod in the world for Steelhead is the TFO Ticr 9' 8wt 4pc at 209.00! I find myself using my Ticr more now that my GLX!

    Good luck!
  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Why don't you see the Boss of this site. He has the lend lease program up and running. You get to use a rod of your choice for a week or a month. You might have to go pick one up or I think that he can now send them out. This way you can make up your own mind and not listen to others.

    Just a hint. It's called the gear program and it's on the Forum page.

  7. Porter Active Member

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    Old Man....good idea...glad you still have a few functioning brain cells......but since no one thought of it before what does that make us....inexperienced with many blank brain cells.

    Good call !!!
  8. Anyfish Fishing with the kids

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    I would second the sage DS2 rods. Good rods but won't break the bank.
  9. flyfis4fun New Member

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Extremely useful stuff as always. I will check out the gear program, Jim.

    Love the ebay suggestions as I am always looking around on there for blanks so I guess its time to look for some finished rods as well. I am really curious about the TFO rods too so will have to find a dealer somewhere.
  10. KerryS Ignored Member

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    I have a Sage DS2 8 weight with a Tioga reel spooled with a custom made shooting line and tips. There is also a spare spool with a WF8 floating line. I will sell it for $400.00.

    The rod has been used for a few steehead seasons and has caught some nice fish.

    PM me if interested.