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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jay Allyn, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. I just got a new 8weight rod and I need some basic steehhead/salmon flies for Washington waters. I have tyed a few like Green Butted Skunks, Popsicles, Polar Shrimp, Comets and Skykomish Sunrises. Plan to fish for Pinks, chums, steelies and coho. What are other good ones?

  2. I blundered upon a fly that I think is really cool and fishy. Its tied on the tubing bodies. A basic bugger pattern, and a basic matuka pattern with tubing bodies. I have been tying blue, black, and mixing the 2 up together, separately, you name it. If anyone is interested, I'll get the Digi-cam and put up a picture or 2. I think they will definately get the notice of a steelhead if I can get one in the line of sight. I dont think salmon for black and blue, but these flies are limitless with colors and combos.
  3. Please share a picture of your fly. I would love to see it. Hey Luv2flyfish this is fly15 I fished with you and steve on the cowlitz we will have to go fish the salt soon for resident coho and searun cutts in our boat. We will have to set the crab pots to.:thumb

  4. A wonderful resource is Steve Burke's site - Recommended flies, how to fish them, and for those who are interested, how to tie them. Certainly worth your while to visit for a few moments. Here's the URL;
  5. There are good pictures of a variety of styles of Northwest Steelhead flies at in the online store. You will see hairwings, Speys, and Atlantic salmon patterns, all of which have been most effective for Steelhead over my years of fishing.

    If you need recipes or materials for any just email me. I also have kits for everything you see containing materials for 10 of the pattern and detailed instructions with pictures.



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