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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Ed Call, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. shotgunner Anywhere ~ Anytime

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    Mumbles, congrats on the milestone :thumb:

    What rod and line were you fishing?
  2. BruceAC Member

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    CONGRATULATIONS & SLAINTE to you Mumbles !!!
    A nicely woven recap..very well done.
  3. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    Mumbles, you're too nice of a guy to deserve my karma:clown:
    first one's always the hardest. Well, sometimes a long dry spell will test your character too.
    congrats again, smells better around here without that SKONK
  4. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Well Mumbles. You are no longer a wannabe. You are now a Steelheader. Congrats. The next ones will be easier.

  5. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Itchy, come on, I can never live up to that nickname. How about I just remain Mumbles, talks a lot and gets way luckier than he deserves on a rare occasion.

    Thanks Jim, and all the others. As I see the cast of characters responding I can recall all the tips, ties and direction that many of you have given me. I don't know about anything being easier...I'll hope that my luck does not run out. Better to be lucky catching stupid hatchery fish than mentally abused by the crafty wild fish.

    Thanks again. Ed

    Oh, and of course I owe a beer or more to tinybugs if that is the fly he tied. I guess I better learn to tie that one (can I get a pattern formula?) is now officially my go to pattern when fished on my rio multi-tip with type 3 sink on my 8wt Loomis GLX 10' that was never quite yellowlab's it became mine. Holy crap the more that I think of this the more chapters of foundation this story is built upon before my first lucky outing.
  6. John Paine Resident fishing dork

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    Ed....just read your report.....Outstanding, and well done, sir!!!! You have now officially caught ONE more Steelhead than I have!

  7. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    aw aw aw AWESSSOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!!

    ill be out on the op this week i hope to shake the skunk as well!

    congrats man!
  8. James Waggoner Active Member

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    Don't worry about the pic...a picture of a steelhead on the counter or in the sink is no way to remember such a beautiful fish. Always carry a camera and if you choose to keep a hathery fish, get a pre-bonk snap. Besides, your first steel head will live on in your memory, I know mine does...and I'm glad I don't have a picute of that wild kilt, because to me she was just plain beautiful!

    Congrats Mumbles!

  9. Matt Smith On the river Noyb

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    Nicely done sir!!!!! Way better than that little bow you caught earlier huh.:rofl::rofl:
    Still looking for my first, but your hook up gives me inspiration. I will double my efforts here in the last couple of weeks on the S rivers. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  10. Connor Parrish Member

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    congrats man! that is for sure a great day on the water and with the family!
  11. Kyle McCurdy Member

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    Good work! You've given me some inspiration to drive over to the Elwha on my next day off!

    And you now have also caught one more steelhead then me.
  12. TexBC Fly Addict

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    That's awesome, Mumbles! I'm very very excited for you... I've caught only 2 steelhead before, and neither were on the fly (one spoonfed, one roebagged). I've started only flyfishing for them this year, and I haven't had a touch yet in 2 outings.

    Tell us about the strike - was it a gentle pull? Did the fish grab the fly and take off? Give us the details, man!

    Good on ya!
  13. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Congrats on your first steel on the fly Mumbs. :beer2:

    The first one I caught on a fly was a young male on a simple egg pattern, not much to brag about.
    Nothingless it was my first fly caught steelhead, and I will never forget the wonderful experience I had catching it and letting it go..

    Now ON TO THE NEXT ONE my fishing friend!! :beer1:
  14. Keaten LaBrel Formerly Tyinbugs

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    Congrats on the first steelhead mumbles!! I tied that little bitty...i've had some really good days using that pattern on the clearwater (especially a black and light blue variation) and its super easy to tie...just curious did you loop in a trailer hook with the backing loop or did you leave it as is? anyways nice work and i'm glad that fly worked out for you! :beer2:
  15. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Left it as it was tied for me to use tyinbugs, just left it as it was. I've only been fishing single barbless since my fly fishing transformation.

    She took it near the end of my drift, I guess "on the swing" but while it was still pretty deep, just nearing the end of the range I was letting the fly run. No mistaking her rage, she went for the hit it and get it. She took a bit of drag off my Redington CDL 7/8 because I had the drag set to strip out more working line. I slowed her, stopped her and brought her in pretty easily. All in all not a super exciting experience but the more I think about it the more cool it seems. Wish I would have had some luck today...but that is another thread about to be crafted. Thanks all.
  16. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Wait until you catch one on a dry. That will set you off. I did one summer while I was fishing my 7'6" 4wt For trout. My tippet was 4lb and I was fishing with a size 14 Black Humpy. I was catching cutts to about a foot long when this guy hit. It wasn't a big fish but it was a hatchery brat. 21" long with a missing adipose fin. Also the river wasn't very wide. About 10' is pushing it but it was fast and rocky and brush lined.

    A trib of the Skykomish.

  17. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    that's happened to me on the Cowlitz several times. Nothing quite like an asskicking from a summer steelhead on trout tackle.
  18. TexBC Fly Addict

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    My first interaction with a steelhead was quite similar... we (my Dad, brother, and I) were on our way home from a mid-August camping trip, and I kept bugging my Dad to pull over on the river we were driving along so I could fish. Eventually he relented.

    We walked down the river with our 5wt flyrods to wet wade flyfish for "trout" (in reality, it's likely they were steelhead smolts, but at age 10-12 or so I was too young to know any better). I managed to hook a couple dead drifting a #12 Tom Thumb on 5x tippet along some seams, and I could tell my younger brother (must've only been about 6 or 7 years old at the time) was jealous. So I called him over and handed him my rod. He held it, and I stood behind him, my hand just above his on the cork grip, and we'd cast together. We missed one small "trout", and I had been working my way down to a mid-stream boulder.

    "Alright, Nick, we're gonna cast over there beside that boulder," I told him; "That's where I'd hide if I were a trout!" A couple of false casts together, and we landed the dryfly perfectly upstream of the boulder. It drifted through the bubbles, along the seam, past the boulder, and... "WHOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!" The fly disappeared in a HUGE boil of water!

    I automatically set the hook, my brother's hand coming up with mine, and the biggest trout I'd ever seen came out of the water and took off across the run. I tried to slow it down, and the fish promptly broke off.

    What a rush. My brother and I promptly broke up into a mess of laughter and excitement, until we could barely stand up without leaning on each other. It was probably one of the summerrun steelies that swims up that beautiful river, and looking back it was probably about 8lbs or so of chrome steelhead, though it seemed far larger at the time. Great memory.