Steelhead To Reopen On The Wenatchee, Icicle, Methow Rivers

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Matt Burke, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Might make my first trip to the methow... i dont care if the fish are fried out of their minds, ill still take a tug if i can get one!
  2. Funny story Freestone, sorry to hear they ruined your run!

    I'm heading over to the Methow tomorrow waaayyyyy too early so I'm fishing ASAP tomorrow morning. I've been fishing the Met for a few years now and I'm soooo excited that it opened up for this weekend. Had a trip planned to the Wynoochee but blew out, thought about the Yak but gotta take advantage of the Methow when its open!
  3. It's weird how mores have changed in this community over the years. Five years ago and more you would not have been hearing so much excitement about fishing over dark fish about to spawn. Have fun, I guess, but just remember there's wild fish in their too. Treat 'em nice.

    P.S. I believe some OP fish are already spawning, judging from the redds that were in evidence last weekend.
  4. Is the Wenatchee/Icicle fishery pretty much a zoo, or are there places where you can fish in relative solitude?
  5. I have yet to catch a "sore head" this time of year on the Methow, steelhead != salmon for zombification.
  6. Patrick,

    I can't speak for the Icicle but there is lots of room for solitude on the Wenatchee. Just a matter of getting away from the roads and access points.
  7. Patrick, I've never seen more than a couple of guys out flogging on the Wenatchee expect down in town there, just up from Confluence Park. They're in boats, pulling whatever gear is legal. It should be Winter steelheading at it's best right now-snowing! The Icicle's a problem during the salmon run, so much so that spots are claimed really early, and since it's all private property lining the stream, there's no access at all unless you launch a boat at the hatchery. Definitely NOT worth the drive here, to fish on the Icicle now!! If I could walk, I'd be on the Methow!

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  9. if youve never caught a steelhead before this is the perfect time to do it. the boots in Mid COlumbia tribs are super grabby and stupid after a few months off. go there... catch a bunch of fish and feel like a steelhead god.
  10. LBC, what size and color bead?
  11. I went to the Methow this weekend and only caught one fish that was dark.
  12. More worth protecting, more regulations.
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  13. I agree with you and think they have a tougher job here in WA trying to protect all the runs - it's much more complicated than in VA. Then again - OR seems to do ok in terms of the simplicity of their regs. Still - much less complicated.

    I think a very helpful tool would be a published list of regulations overlaid on a map. A lot of people don't know where specific creeks are that designate changes to the regs. For someone exploring new rivers it's often hard to find the demarcation points that indicate regulation changes.

    I wouldn't mind spending $5 on a reg pamphlet that made it easier to understand. I seriously do want to obey all the laws - but sometimes they make it damn hard and confusing.
  14. wouldn't just not stocking these rivers be a better idea than these stupid mandatory kill fisheries?
  15. You don't understand. These waters haven't been open to steelheading for many years. Could "stupid mandatory kill" be a gauge of your intellect?
  16. perhaps you don't understand the goal of the fishery, to kill as many hatchery fish as possible... This of course leads to sillyness like folks fin clipping wild steelhead so others can harvest them and other dumb things. How about just not stocking brats in the first place?
  17. The data WDFW uses to justify stocking the river with hatchery fish suggests that the survival rate of smolts is higher when there are more smolts present. Not stocking the river would increase mortality on the wild smolts.......
  18. AK,

    Like complex issues, there is a lot more to the matter than simply not stocking the Methow with hatchery fish. There are some groups, co-managers even that are very much for hatchery supplementation and have court mandated rights for harvest. You also have BPA and mid Columbia PUD mitigation requirements that are in force. You have ESA issues to be dealt with. And then you have differing survival rates on an annual basis. On years when survival is low, it can be argued that hatchery supplementation is needed to help maintain/recover the stock. When survival is high, then you have surplus hatchery fish that that are deemed unnecessary and even harmful to natural fish recovery. Yeah, it seems like a Catch-22 situation, which leads to my first comment about this being a complex situation.

    It is all a moot point now anyway as it looks like it might close soon though nothing has been posted on WDFW's emergency regulation page.


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