"Steelhead Trout Club of Washington?"

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by fredaevans, Jan 24, 2007.

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    Belonged to the group for many years back in the early 1960's to the late 70's (moved to California). Wonderful group of Guys/Gals, many wonderful memories to this day.

    Is the 'Club' still active?

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    Fred -
    Yes they still are active -


    Suspect that some of the members you know 35 years ago are still active.

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  3. ChrisW AKA Beadhead

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    I am thinking of joining a Steelhead oriented group/club so when I saw this link and thought I'd check them out. When I looked at their site it appeared to be more of an angling special interest group rather than a conservation organization or fishing club...

    From their website:
    We believe that harvesting a wild steelhead is permissible, if a run is healthy and meeting escapement goals, but encourage people to release a portion of their catch. We do not believe in Catch and Release as a management strategy per se, believing jeopardized wild runs should be shut down and allowed to recover. We also believe that hatchery fish can and do play a significant role in providing meaningful angling opportunities, particularly where habitat has been extremely impacted by dam building and other development.

    This appears to be in conflict with a majority of opinion expressed by fly anglers in the area.

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    Thanks Curt! Off to their site.

    Chris, your comment has me scratching my head. Their 'Mission Statement' reads pretty straight forwardly to me. What 'part' has you 'scratching' your head?

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    Those interested in joining a steelhead club may want to consider the Wild Steelhead Coalition.
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    The Steelhead Trout Club is very "old school." Its beliefs are highly consistent with the old WDG policy belief that an anadromous fish population couldn't be overfished by a sport fishery. That was actually true at a particular time and place, which came and went almost four decades ago. The basis of the policy belief have been entirely refuted, and most of us who originally worked with the idea feel pretty meek about it in retrospect. A large human angling population, plus the attendant pressures of a large human population on the landscape and aquatic habitat, and exteme increases in access to where fish are, and fishing technology, are a very poor fit for that old school policy.

    The policy belief of the STC remains a good fit only by denying much of the accumulated information about steelhead and their management that has been developed over the past 30 years.


    Salmo g.
  7. Smalma Active Member

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    While the folks at the Steelhead Trout Club of Washington are definitely "old school" my take on them is somewhat different that Salmo's. By large I found the folks there to be dedicated with a sincere interest in steelhead and steelhead fishing. Historically (more than 40 years ago) their membership provide much of the steelhead conservation leadership in the sport fishing communty. They part ways with many here with their belief that the best use of any allowable fishing impacts on a given run should be directed towards harvest. To me that is more of a social postion rather than biological.

    I have enjoyed the company of many of its members and have more than one pleasant conversation bantering about various steelhead management issues (clearly we would often be on on the opposite side of the management coin). That said as a group they were more than willing to roll up their collective sleeves and go to work for the steelhead resource. In fact I would have to admit that as a group they were more willing to do so than just about any other group I dealt with.

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    My opinion is that they are dedicated and passionate about steelhead runs, but my particular dealings with them have led me to the belief that they are very passionate about bonking wild steelhead, and spend a lot of time blaming the demise of steelhead runs on tribal nets, and those who advocate for the release of wild steelhead.

    They won't be seeing any checks in the mail from me.

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  9. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    At all of the meetings with WDFW that I attended during my tenure as a board member of the Wild Steelhead Coalition the Steelhead Trout Club was squarely in the whackem-and-stackem camp. They have supported every wild steelhead kill proposal brought up by WDFW. There are a lot of very good fishing clubs that one can join. I belong to Washington Fly Fishing Club, which has a lot of dedicated flyfishers. My wife Carol and I belong to Nortwest Fly Anglers, a family club which also has a lot of steelhead fly fishers. The Wild Steelhead Coalition, to which I also belong is not really a social organization. It might help if it was more socially oriented though.
    Good Fishing,
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    I'm a member of STC. I joined mainly through an association made as a member of a class taught on steelhead fishing. I would agree with Smalma's assessment of them. Very traditional. "Old School", if you want to throw that label out. I would also add, "very aware" and "very well informed". You may not agree with their philosophy but you must concede their depth of experience in the fishery. Many have been fishing steelhead longer than many folks on this board have been alive, I for one, and I'm 51. They keep track of hatchery fish releases in most rivers in the Northwest. They are very much into what I would characterize as "pragmatic" advocacy for the fishery. I'm not informed enough of the details of various positions to say that STC is better than the WSC or someone else. My impression is that they have the knowledge and experience to advocate for a sensible policy towards a sustainable steelhead population. When you charge your responses with emotion laden words like "bonking" and expressions like "whack'em and stack'em" you equate those concepts with negativity when they may actually be a positive policy.

    I know that my diatribe sounds like a bunch of lawyer BS but, it's the truth. At least truth, as I see it. And I'm right iagree