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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Richard Torres, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Remember that historically, spawned out salmon or steelhead died in the river and helped to start a whole chain of events that led to fertile rivers with plenty to eat for the smolts.
    They (our guys, you know the good guys) won't toss the fish back into the river because river side people complain that the dead fish stink.
    Maybe they won't, but I will. All hatchery jobs will be chucked back in to help out with this age old process. I encourage others to follow suit. It's tough love, but what else makes sense?
    And, I would withdraw that statement you made about nothing could change your mind. Not a pretty thought for a budding young scholar. Also, who wants to write to someone who refuses to change?
    Bo, the Dazed
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    Lets see if I got this straight. The people who live on the river do not like the smell of the dead fish. If we throw back the dead fish many of them might not want to live by the river no more. If enough of the humans do not want to buy houses by the river the price for those homes would go down. If they go down enough the land could be bought up and turned into wild places again. I am liking this thought process already. If we do this enough maybe we would get our rivers back for all to use. Of course by then would there be any wild fish left to enjoy it. Oh well the dream in my head this set off was nice for a moment. Thank you.:beer1
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    I'm still learning about what I love to catch! LOL..
    It does always help to know your information first before making sound judgement. Right now this is just a homework assignment for me. The rough draft is due Tuesday afternoon. I learn something new every day from this wonderful site and, hopefully when I finish this essay, all of you will enjoy or critiqe what I have to say.
    Yeah, I do agree that they should throw the caracasses back out for the little guys. It doesn't bother me and they need all the help they can get. Hikepat, I like that Idea of purchasing the land back. First I need to win the powerball lottory! LOL
    Tight lines! :thumb
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    Does a chicken have lips?!
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    Yes. But the only good hatchery fish is one in my stomach and this from a guy who used to release them.


    " When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee" Isaiah 43:2
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    But remember, Randy, you can buy your food.
    Smolts can't (no money).
    And the reason they have no money is because they have no pockets. Plus, fisherman tips for putting up a good fisght are very few and rather smallish. Banks are almost nonexsistent and jobs have been slow since Dubya took over.
    Bob, the Fish Spokesperson.
    :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes
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    I forgot what I was supposed to remember.

    Well after reading all of this info on fish spawning with each other. My brain is so much filled with what I don't know that I feel that I shouldn't even fish anymore. I feel that I'm not making much sense. Like most of these articles.

    There's so many pro's and con's on this subject.It boggles the mind trying to read and understand it all. I
    think that I will just quit it all.