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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Chris Bentsen, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I was invited by my good friend, Pat to fish the Skykomish River early Friday morning. We met and hiked into one of his fravorite spots. We split up and he took the head of the run and I fished a slot near the tail. I brought my old Flylogic 13 ft 7 wt spey rod (Dec Hogan model) and brought my Scandi line with a floating line and fast sinking leader. I started with a purple marabou pattern that I like and added a helmet head to get the fly down during the swing. The fly was a little heavy for this rod but it is my favorite for summer runs and since the water levels were low, I decided to take it. The water was about 38 F and very clear. We got there at 8:30 AM and the fish hit at about 9 AM. It was quite aggressive and after being hooked, it headed upstream causing my fly line to rip through the water. After a very respectable fight, the fish came in and Pat carefully grabbed it by the tail and under it's stomach to support it. We both assumed it was going to be a wild fish because of the way it acted and the chrome color we could see while it was running. It turned out to be fresh chrome hatchery fish. So we kept it for dinner. After about another hour of fishing, the sun came up and the wind started blowing downstream, so we decided to get out of the cold water and warm up with some lattes. Overall a nice morning on the river.;)

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    Sounds like a great day, nice work!
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    Dime bright! Great fish and you didn't have to battle the cold all day to get your fix. Well done.

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    Nice work, dimes 4 dinner.

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    Beautiful hen, bright as they get.

    I'm sure the flesh was orange and delicious. Congrats.
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    Nice hen. Hope you bonked it.
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    Nicely done. Tasty, fresh steelhead for dinner. It does not get much better than that.
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    christopher, way to put the hammer down! lets get out and put a hurtin on more chrome!
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    Solid work. Congrats
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    very nice.
    tried the sauk/stilly yesterday with no joy. very cold water and low in the sauk. i like fishing it with more water and less clarity. only saw one boat out.
    stilly was very crowded. no fish seen or heard of. couple of guys pulled up their car on the way back from fishing the cascade. they had one fish around 10-12 lbs.
    nice day to be out, but really cold.
    good you did better on the sky.
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    Nice job man.
  14. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Another damn, good for nothing, hatchery fish trying to imitate a real steelhead. Good story and pictures!
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    Well Done