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  1. Does anyone else understand that steelhead are the last best thing?

    Here are a few things my fellow friends and I have agreed on, although Mark was slipping on number one:

    -We would rather catch a wild b-run on the swing than sleep with an SI swimsuit model. However we would rather sleep with an SI swimsuit model than catch any hatchery fish.

    -Steelhead are the best animal in the world.

    -A 5 day trip across 4 states and 2,000 miles is worth it if you end up happy. Steelhead brings happy, even without the catching. Watching your buddy throw up in his new tent after stealing all the wine makes up for fish lost.

    -We would rather get skunked 46 times fishing for steelhead than catch 46 trout in one day. We just want one pull.

    -Nymphing is really, totally, gay. But, we still do it. Does this make us gay? We're not sure but it's hard to swing our local stuff.

    -Beads work on the swing and the dead drift, lady carolines only work with split shot.

    -Every day fishing for fish other than steelhead is a day one could be fishing for steelhead.

    -A wild steelhead is more important to us than almost anything, except Steelie Mike, he is our dad.

    In 30 years, smallmouth bass will be the new steelhead.

    Well shit it finally came out. A week of studying for finals and I've just got one more (the easiest one) left. I'll be on the water off and on, hopefully mostly on, for the next 43 days until spring semester starts up. See you river left.

  2. AMEN! Bring on the retarded kid!

  3. This is my favorite Zen post . . . good luck on the finals and hammering the metalheads!
  4. OK, a friend asked a funny riddle that reminded me of the way YES your gay..:clown:.Ok,.... here it is. If a cat always lands on its feet when falling, would it still land on it's feet if it had a piece of buttered toast taped to it's back, butter side up?

    Good luck on the tests dude.
  5. Cat + Toast = Antigravity.
  6. I catch enough wild steelhead that I would choose the SI model.

    The rest are pretty spot on.

    Also, I have caught wild steelhead nymphing and swinging and I got to say nymphing isn't THAT "gay"; although I prefer the swing any day. Sometimes the swing will just lead to snagging, or just isn't very effective.

    What is "gay" are guys who couldn't catch a fish on the swing and don't even know where to start; guys who are lost without their floats....that is "gay".

    BTW, I hooked what I thought was a wild 20 pound steelhead on the NF Stilly fishing with a purple dee on my bamboo spey and it turned out to be a 2.5 pound smallie.....I took too many pictures.......But after some reviving it swam off strong.....High fives all around.....
  7. nice post Zen - but when you get a little older, your view will change on the SI Swimsuit model.

    On your question about being gay - it's kind of like what they say about being in prison or being the giver rather than the taker:

    If you are nymphing for the right reasons, then you're not gay. If you don't know any better, then you are.
  8. Steelhead are just sexually frustrated and confused trout. Catfish have a whole differnt allure to them. They sit motionless on the bottom of a turbid river using senses a steellhead would never understand. waiting to pounce on the slightest vibration of distress in the murkey deep. The overall fight is unparalleled and their raw beauty is only matched by the SI swimsuit models you speak of.

    By the way, I've caught a lot of steelhead, I've never caught a SI model, I wonder if they would take it on the swing? Show me to the door! :beer2:
  9. Great post Zen, though I gotta go with the SI model!

    :hmmm: Whatever dude.
  10. Man you guys are failing here! A true wild b-run on the swing comes about once a lifetime, while on the other hand you could fuck a SI model any day of the week, unless you are Rick...
  11. First of all wild B-runs don't exist in the clearwater, second, you're probably right. :cool:

    Oh and another thing, Go play in the salt for a year or two Freshwater fish are not cool! flipflops, bikinis, 60+ MPH fish, man eating fish, Big boats, wahoo, are you kidding me! Having rum drinks with umbrellas yes yes yes yes!
  12. Prove that second part and I might reconsider my take on the whole gay/nymphing issue.:thumb:
  13. UM...I am a Westsider fishing S Rivers so the term "B Run" goes over my to learn me?

    As far as fucking an SI model any day of the week......if you want to do that you had better quite fishing and dedicate your time to striking it RICH RICH RICH.
  14. I was having a heck of a day fishing yesterday. A buddy and I fished many a spot with no love while reports of hatchery fish from gear tossers danced like sugar plums in our heads. (no gay comments please :) ) I have love for hatcheries too. In the last run we fished, I must have lost 6 flies and leaders on my lightest tip, the inventers of flurocarbon are on my hit list! I've come to the belief that 12lb maxima is the only leader you ever need when steelin. So it was getting dark. My buddy says, "one last cast!" So I say "ok". Then he says, "ok, one more last cast, that one wasn't pretty enough!" I thought the same of mine, slickshooter in cold weather sucks arse. At the end of my swing, who would of thought?! On the hang the line does the little cold water nervous wiggle, then yank! I was so surprized, I set straight up, my line came back to me, and the steelie did the sturgeon jump stright up! I love em. It was my second last cast!!

    Sweet post Zen.


  15. Well...Steelie Mike it to tall to be my dad. Seriously my Dad's 4'11." Steelie has seen me in person so he probably gets why this is kind of funny :)

    I'd rather catch any steelhead in lieu of shagging any SI model. But I'm very happily married, so the scenario is not really relevant. Even if I was single I'll take a pond monkey over getting my mojo on. Getting laid is overrated (says the married guy with 6 kids).

    Driving 2000 miles in 5 days kinda blows. Barf in the tent would totally make up for it. I would have shaved his eyebrows when he passed out.

    Your wisdom is truely...Zen like :cool:

    Oh yeah...hit me up when you get home...we go fish?

  16. B-runs spend an extra year in the salt - bigger, better, and fewer.
  17. We call that 1-Salt, 2-Salt, 3-Salt et cetera over here.
  18. Dah, thanks for asking.....I was wondering the same thing. :confused:

    As much as I love steelhead, all the while I cast for them I'm thinking of pike! Steelhead are great, but the feelings they evoke in Zen are evoked in me by pike (and musky). Gimme one pike over 10 steelhead any day.

    But yeah, steelhead are great. Don't get me wrong. :thumb:
  19. Its just fishing. You are all gay.
  20. In the Snake River Basin, steelhead are divided into A-run and B-run classifications. These two variations are characterized by differences in location of spawning, size at age, ocean age composition, and time of migration into fresh water. B-run fish are believed to spawn primarily in the Clearwater River, South Fork of the Salmon River and Middle Fork of the Salmon River, while A-run fish are found primarily in the lower Clearwater River, upper Salmon River, lower Salmon River, Grande Ronde River, Imnaha River and tributaries of the Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam. While A-run steelhead are also found throughout the inland Columbia River basin, B-run steelhead are believed to be found only in the Snake River drainage. B-run steelhead enter fresh water later than A-run steelhead, are typically larger at age (likely because of the additional time they spend feeding in the ocean before migrating into fresh water), and the annual run typically has a higher proportion of fish that have spent two years at sea. there are, of course exception to this--where you have B-run strays that enter the Ronde, as well as the D, and other columbia watersheds.

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