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  1. HauntedByWaters

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    Thanks Pan and others for clarifying:

    What size range are we talking with the B-Runs compared to the A-Run?
  2. Panhandle

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    Typically A's run from 6-10 lbs, where as B's run 12-30lbs. :eek:
  3. Will Atlas

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    you are offense.


    Right on with the post. Steelhead are amazing animals, they have extremely diverse lifehistories, undertake the longest migrations at sea, and are extremely badass in every way. If you have 43 days of break, you ought to head over to the wet side and fish for some chrome fish. Coast perhaps? Also, glad you finally came around on the nymphing thing

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    I got out Saturday for a solo foray and achieved approximately my 35th consecutive skunking since I started chasing steelhead in fall '06. Is there some special milestone at 46?

    This last one barely counts, though, since I was only on the river for 45 minutes before I accidentally dropped my favorite body in the 35-degree water. By the time I swam out the bottom end of a surprisingly deep and frustratingly slow-moving pool 60-70 seconds later, I knew the day was over for me.

    Ahh, steelheading. Hey -- is falling in gay?
  5. Flyborg

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    If I was rich, I'd do both at the same time :)
  6. HauntedByWaters

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  7. David Dalan

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    LOL...I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.


  8. Mark Bové

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    Well Spoken my friend here is my 2 cents on what you had to say

    -I must admit, I failed... I railed the model over going steelhead fishing last fiday, Though she wasnt a SI model, but that lil calender model did just fine...

    - steelhead are the best thing ever

    -When you throw up in your tent you get good fishing karma... I did out fish both of you guys 3-1... Also 47 pound rooster has no place in steelhead camp.

    -Unless the trout are the size of steelhead, and wild. THE Upper Columbia!!!

    -We aren't gay we just know how to catch fish... in a shameful manor.

    -Beads rock my world... even more than the calender model.


    -Mike please adopt me and Andy. Or take us as your new apprentices.

    God made my new religion of steelheading
  9. Evan Burck

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    caught one hatchery steelhead this fall that fought like a "wet sock" as Jergens put it. Dozens of trips and thousands of dollars in new gear+gas later, still haven't caught a damn thing.
  10. HauntedByWaters

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    WOW! You never told us you were a professional hand model Mark!
  11. David Dalan

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  12. Charlie Erdman

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    yeup...there are nothing quite like steelhead.

    i spent all summer in alaska, all fall in montana, and all I could think about was steelhead.

    you should have seen the hotel i staying in last weekend in kamiah. $25 a night, blood on the dresser, dirtiest shower I've ever seen. slept in my sleeping bag. and didn't touch a fish in two days.

    sleeping in this guy's (the real mccoy) house. we risk it all to catch steelhead

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  13. Mark Bové

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    Good thing the joke is coming from a virgin and a married man...:rofl:
  14. Stinkfoot

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    Learn something new everyday. I thought B-run'ers were north fork Clearwater fish that Dworshak Dam put an end to (the wild ones anyway), and, it's been a while, but I seem to remember that I liked to get laid at least as much as I liked to catch steelhead when I was in college. But then, I caught a lot of steelhead and as for getting laid, well...
  15. Will Atlas

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    Pan, Are all the wild fish in the clearwater Bs? Also, arent there wild B runs in some tribs of the Salmon. I am always confused about whether the A run was purely a hatchery creation, or whether there were wild A runs prior to hatchery programs. Also, in the case that there are distinct populations of A Runs and of B Runs in the wild, does anyone know whether they're spatial or temporally seperated in their spawning. Inland, I feel like you might know the answer to this question.

  16. SilverFly

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    Interesting philosophy, sprinkled with grains of truth, and thickly layered with sarcastic bullshiat, - classic Zen.

    I dunno if I agree with you about hatchery steelhead though. I think they are gorgeous, wonderful creatures, - especially when they are simmering over alder-wood coals on my bbq or turning a deep mahogany red in my smoker... :cool:

    I share your love of wild steel, but any more I almost prefer just seeing one in the water to actually catching it.

    On a side note, I believe there is an ironic connection between "gayness" and SI models. While they are certainly beautiful women and I would shag one given the chance (were I not already engaged to a beautiful woman :D), - they are a bit on the "skinny" side for me. Call me old school, but I'd prefer a woman like Rachel Welch circa 1965, - or maybe Erin Gray from the old Buck Rogers series (yeah I'm old AND a geek).

    Anyway, back to the connection. My theory is that the "uber-thin", non-curvy "ideal" woman in this country stems from the fashion industry. If so, you have to ask yourself why all these "super-models" have the build of a teen-age boy, - given the "orientation" of most of the top male fashion designers.

    Things that make you go hmmm.... :eek: ;)
  17. cuponoodle breakfast

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    It's a tie between steelhead and blacktail deer.

    Wine? Seriously, wine? Nymphing is not gay. Drinking wine in fish camp is.

    I was thinking stripers. They have stripers in northern CA. I wonder if we can get them when our fish are gone.
  18. HauntedByWaters

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    Getting layed is a lot like fishing reports.

    The guys who talk openly about it are more often the ones completely full of shit.

    You should start a thread titled, "Speykid Becomes Speyman In Drunken Clearwater Ritual".
  19. Steelie Mike

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    What are steelhead and how can I catch one this weekend?
  20. rick matney

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    Nice to see you finally show up to the show mike! :beer2:

    I have many special hates for steelhead:

    -I have broken countless rods over them
    -lost every girl I have ever had over them
    -disowned every friend that didn't chase them
    -have managed a "questionable sanity" title by my therapist
    -puked more times then I can count on the river bank near them
    -Rarely ever catch a lot of them
    -don't even care about the ones I do catch, only the next one I try to catch

    It is a vicious cycle

    The definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

    Any one who chases them is clinically insane. Play golf.