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  1. Well from the looks of it on this board steelhead are a popular subject right now! Either some members have gotten mad or were thankful for the info shared on fishing for steelhead. I my self have not fished for steelhead on the fly, but would love to start that fishless passion(wait all of my FF trips are fishless bawling:). How many people are hardcore steelhead chasers or would consider themselves to be? Which is best summer run or winter run? I have fished for them once last winter on the Cowlitz river with gear. I fished the day that the Chehalis river rose really fast and flooded Chehalis.
  2. Were is Zen. He is the master.
  3. Is he the one who has alot of pictures in the gallery holding steelhead?
  4. I forced myself to stay in Anchorage this fall so that I can drive 5 hours to have a chance steelhead this fall...
  5. I'm a hardcore Steelheader (both fly and gear). Winterrun by far are the heavy hitters over here. I only fish salmon and steelhead anyways.
  6. Im in the proccess of switching from gear to fly but as far as fishing for them in general Its my favorite fish to chase and I do it alot Imo, sometimes in fall but especially during summer and winter, pretty much any chance I get. Both summer runs and winter fish have goods and bads so I couldnt tell you what is "better".
  7. Its closer for you to shoot over the Hood Canal and fish huh?
  8. I fish for steelhead nearly exclusively. I fish for winter fish mostly.

    Save for one small stream that can't be swung, I don't nymph. Maybe that's why I don't fish there all that much.

    Sox win, 19 tomorrow,
  9. Steelhead is my fish of choice. I used to strictly fish for trout and really enjoyed the problem solving aspect of it, matching the hatch, tying the flies to imitate insects etc. But in the past three or four years I have found myself fishing for trout less and less and spending more time on steelhead rivers. I don't catch nearly as many fish but now each steelhead feels more like a sense of accomplishment than any trout did. I still fish for trout occasionally, usually between April and June when the steelhead rivers are closed.
    As for which rivers have more, that can depend on the year, summer or winter, hatchery or wild.
  10. As a person who has spend hours not catching steelhead, I have some expert ruminations.

    Steelhead are the highest king of the cold water
    Steelhead are the force that keeps me looking forward
    Steelhead are why I never have any money
    Steelhead are why I never have dry waders
    Steelhead are why my car (throught myself and another steelhead bum) has 350,000 miles on it
    Steelhead are why I can't stop smiling each rivermorning when the fog still keeps them grabby
    Steelhead are our last best hope
    Steelhead never lie
    Steelhead fishing never leaves you barren if you really love it
    Steelhead make you incomprehensible to the uninfected
    Steelhead are not easy to catch
  11. I think you forget, "Steelhead are why my drawers are soiled." :rofl:
  12. True That.

  13. The chasing of steelhead is not an easy task to describe, nor do they lend themselves well to flowing prose...

    They are best talked about in short, choppy sentences (good ones, Z), quiet mumbles, or wide-eye incoherent ravings.

    Steelhead make even the smartest folks lose their minds occasionally, and once you dive in to the life, you will understand completely.
  14. Zen pretty much summed it up for me. They're like women. The more you can't catch one, the more you want it.
  15. Fishing for steelhead is like riding Harleys (or any other passion); if I have to explain it to you, you will never understand.
  16. As other posters have told you, steelhead are a phenomenal sport fish. their strength and tenacity combined with the absolute blistering speeds they can swim make them the finest freshwater sport fish on the west coast, arguably the world. Not only that, they are gorgeous creatures, capable of migrating vast distances at sea, avoiding sea lions, seals and other predators, migrating past dams, over falls and in some cases going an entire year without feeding. they are adapted to ecosystems ranging from high desert rivers, to coastal spate streams which run massive in the winter and are a trickle in the summer. Summer and winter fish are both wonderful. they offer different challenges and rewards. In winter you can expect to connect with some very large, bright fish. the weather can be downright snotty and foul but thats the nature of the beast. In summer, t-shirts are the rule, however the rivers in our region run low and clear and the fish spook easily and may become dour. Fish them at dawn and dusk.

    Yet for all their virtue and strength, our industrial society has taken its toll on wild steelhead in our region. They are a great fish, dont expect to find huge numbers anywhere. However a day in which you hook a hot wild steelhead is one you wont ever forget. Learn to pursue the fish by understanding its behavior and habitats. Learn a river under a host of conditions. Hands down the best tool you have when fishing for steelhead is your mind.

    Lastly, fight for wildsteelhead. They give us all they have, everytime we catch them and they need and deserve our help. Only by loudly advocating for the fish can we hope to enjoy these fish into the future.

  17. WOW alot of good stuff here. Thanks.
  18. Ah, the addiction. I love the challenge of steelhead on a fly. I hardly ever chase those little trout anymore.
  19. Ever since i started focusing my energy on hooking up with a steelhead instead of a woman, both myself and my wife, are happier.
  20. Well at least she cant get pissed at you for fishing now.

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