Steelheaders Anonynmous?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Dan Cuomo, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Welcome home, thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

    It may surprise you but addiction is a progressive disease that increases in power over time even if a person isn't "using". Your relapse may overwhelm you and your family. Another part, you never get the same rush as you did the first time you "used" but you will chase that rush relentlessly.

    Many tight lines to you.
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    P3080282.jpg I must report that the insanity that is this disease continues.

    I had another slip, and found myself out on the Hoh recently where I stuck a steelhead on the third or fourth cast. I saw the fish roll and take. It seemed to be a decent fish, and its conduct at the end of my line supported that opinion when it broke me off as I tried to put the breaks on after it put me into the backing while making for some very fast water at Mach IV. Such was my awe, that the explicative I uttered was delivered in a whisper rather than a scream. I worked my way downriver over the course of the next few hours, and finally pined another fish. This one I managed to bring to hand and get a pic and a short video. As I released it I had the realization that my trout fishing was headed for the toilet.

    I thought about my tying bench, and the fact that I don't know - or care - where my size-4 through size-18 hooks are, nor do I care that Steven Tyler's use of hackle in his hair has made the stuff harder to find than sub-four-dollar-a-gallon-gas, and that my nightstand currently supports copies of The Color of Winter, The Complete Steelheader, A Steelheader's Way , and A Passion for Steelhead. I am screwed.