Steeliess reserved for experienced?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by spicolli140, Nov 4, 2011.

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    So now we have an oversight committee to establish the "ethics" by which one chooses to legally fish? I'll grant you bait divers (you could have thrown in side-planers for good measure) are not what most consider to be fly fishing in the conventional sense but if it is legal and they find it enjoyable who is in the position to judge and belittle that choice?
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    I got a kick out of the post that asserts that fishing beads under an indicator is highly technical but swinging flies isn't. Probably not intended, but topped Chris Bellows' posts for sheer hilarity. :)

    P.S. I started re-reading Bill McMillan's Dry Line for Steelhead book last night. I read this years ago when I first started flyfishing and now realize that, without the benefit of any meaningful experience with a fly rod at the time, I really didn't comprehend all the techniques he described in those essays. All these years later, it dawns on me that even Bill McMillan "stooped" to nymphing, and quite regularly it seems at least in his go-go years (although I feel pretty confident that his nymphing days pre-dated the dawn of indicator fishing and that he never defiled his leader with a plastic bead). He even describes his theory that steelhead mistook his deadrifted Indian Paintbush as a gob of eggs! It's like finding out that there is no Santa Claus.
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    fishing spawning salmon isn't illegal as long as it open for salmon, but it's not very ethical by my standards, But to todays sportsman if its legal go for it. The logic used today is it's only illegal if you get caught and I'm not responsible ,its the other guys fault.
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    Nevermind. Have fun guys.
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    Setting up, Bill Dance style, when the bobber drops just isn't the same as a swung fly grab. Sitting in traffic in a Yugo vs driving a mountain road in a 911. Both legal. Both driving. Both have their aficionados, I suppose.
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    I've hooked plenty of steelhead on stripped egg patterns. Yes they really are that dumb.
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    First of all I know your stirring the pot but I like it! so here'e my stick.

    SO you say its an ethics thing fishing a bead or just nymphing for steelhead? I don't get that why is that unethical and 15 ft of t14 with 6 inches of rabbit not considered the same, ethisc wise, its all casting a fly line the same as if it was a 16 hairs ear or bugger, overhand or spey.
    By the way,,, would it not be unethical to target springtime steelhead (APRIL) wading deep swinging on Redds, see a lot of that by those holy anglers, well at least the one pretending to not know the steelhead are spawning there. Or how about fishing on summer runs in February or March those fish have been in the system for nearly a year,, how unethical would you consider that? These are direct targets for some of the HOLY anglers.
    Determining ethics by whats the end of the string,,,,hum pretty small devise to turn the table of ethics (8mm).
    All just points to consider not pointing fingers:)

    Just as so many think its the little thing at the end of the line that catches the steelhead, it's NOT.... its the delivery and location, the delivery is what determines fly fishing or Spey fishing and the location is what determines success!

    By the way the only reason its not rabbit in the arguement is because they are so dam hard to throw unless attached to a spey rod :) Steelhead will crush rabbit just as much as a bead, you just need to get it to them.

    Just when you all thought that steelhead nymphing is all about the bead wrong again.

    Thanks for the use of the stir stick.....
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    The swing nazi's -vs - the bobber doggers rant is really getting old. Does every thread lately have to end up here?
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    (First of all I know your stiring the pot, but I like it.Quote Brazda)

    I do admit to enjoying a heated discusion , even more so when there is no clear answer!! I have pretty much quit trying to debate whats ethical and whats not ,But the on going show on this forum provides for entertainment on a boreing night. That said I have moved on to small creek tenkara fishing as the steelhead game is all but over with .Good luck guys in catching the last one.
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    Is anyone twisting your arm to make you read these threads?


    You're on the right track. Understand tho, that for nymphers it might be about catching the last one, while for swingers it's likely about fishing for the last one. Note the not so subtle difference. And in another time it could have been about Tenkara steelheading, in small streams of course.

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    +1. there are a number of folks here whose posts i like to read whether i agree with them or not. i think salmo_g's position on this whole thing still seems like it's premise is a concept that is undefined and arbitrary ("the player"), but i like his stuff cause beyond the shaky premise (all due respect, sg) his argument is pretty cogent and he's knowledgeable and interesting. more of that, less of the insults and ridiculous unexamined prejudice.
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    Glad you and a few others are enjoying the discussion, as am I. Please go back and read my definition, premise, if you will, of the steelhead that is a player. I don't know how I could describe it any more succinctly or clearly. Yes, it is arbitrary (but not capricious!), but it's logical. If you tell me what is lacking in definition, I'll elaborate if I can.

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    Not at all. You have shared your opinion about a dozen times in this thread, thats my opinion. This is the 2nd or 3rd swing/bead banter in the last couple weeks. This one didn't even start as such. (Buckiller had his coming) Some dude caught his first steelhead, instead of saying, right the fu*k on, it ends up like this. This is an arguement that will never be resolved. At this piont, I think there should be a catagory under the spey clave tab called Bead-vs-Swing and everyone can duke it out there.
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    Steelhead = Uber ales any method, position, or climate so your Yugo/Porsche analogy doesn't jive. Maybe the difference in a tuned 996 vs. a Bellevue granny in her poseur automatic Boxster to some, but I don't recon so.

    My last summer steel this year, by far my craziest freshwater fish ever hooked, was on a bead and it treated the run like it was a Grindline skatepark. I'm not sure what happened really, but there was a 360's, a couple of backflips, a front flip to fakie, some sort of 540 tailwhip thingy, in the middle a huge ollie in which he stalled and called me a tete du merde whatever that is, before finishing with a long nose grind and sawing me off in the rocks. Yugo my ass :rofl:

    Some of you guys are so uptight! Try something new this weekend. Lick the wifes ass, try one of those Vietnamese sandwiches with the super super mystery meat, something, for fucks sake live a little!
  16. Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

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    yeah, but that was all done fakie. :)
  17. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Single best thing ever posted in any bead debate ever.
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    You should have downed a tall frosty one or taken a healthy pull for typing that Tenkara word...shit, I did it too, pull coming!

    Oh my goodness!

    Totally agree Evan.
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    wow you guys get bent around the smallest stuff.
    ya know i think its the snaps when i see some fishing folks who get it. in this case your 1st steelhead. dead nuts dude.
    remember my 1st on a fly. actually i was 1 for 4 that day. having only my old cortland fly reel with NO drag at all. 3 fish ripped me clean, but got the last one.
    dont let these knobs bring ya down. GO and fish your ass off and have fun. thats what its all about.
  20. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Been steelheading the last few days...

    On the swing: 5
    On the bead: 0

    both got some time in the water. Both provided hours of good times. But only one brought the nibs.