Steeliess reserved for experienced?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by spicolli140, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. That's what Evan meant, but he isn't always good at explaining shit.
  2. Hmm, I guess I would have to see it. I was on the Deschutes fishing with some hard core Yakima "trout" guys. WE all did pretty much the same on dries. When the sun came out, they were nymphing and doing ok. NOt liking to nymph with a fly rod, I popped out my centerpin rod and outfished them 5 to 1. Simply put, my drag free presentation kicked their butt. They said I was cheating. I have seen the same thing happen with STeelhead. Gear rods outperform fly rods when it comes to nymphing.
  3. Centerpins are legit
  4. Wow, some people ar obviously bored. If the tactic gets fish to bite and is enjoyable for the angler than do it. Being a newb my knowledge isn't at the level of others on this forum, obviously, but the bead is fished in a fashion similar to a traditional nymph, same leader construction, same drift, same results. The fact that some one can take a beginners heel clicking about their first steelhead EVER let alone on a fly, and make some petty argument over the name of tactic chosen is a clear sign that said posters have lost contact with the true purpose of the sport. Since I posted that thread I haven't had the chance to get online and quite honestly , I am glad I. Didn't waste my timeit kinda seems like some need to do a little more fishing and less freaking out on greenies jus tryin to earn their stripes. Times change, like it or not. I just hope I don't get to the point where I can find a flaw in what should be a momentous occasion for someone else. Sean and nick opened my eyes to a totally different world and it would have never been beached without them. I got money stacking for a spey rod as we speak and that is going to be a totally different story. All I know is after reading some of this horse shit makes me wanna go stand in a river, blown out or not. It sure beats reading about it.stay sith.
  5. i'll drink to that
  6. You're welcome to tag along in my car any time. Bring beads, flies, roe, shrimp, spinners, spey rods, centerpins, gear rods, whatever.
  7. Great offer. You have the right attitude in my book
  8. This thread on brothers
  9. Spicolli140,

    Save this thread in your personal time capsule and read it when you've got 20 years of steelhead fly fishing under your belt. See if it strikes you the same way then.

    BTW, congrats on your first steelhead. What fly was that you caught it on?

  10. This just sounds like someone trying to justify how they fish....why? Within a few years you've described me. Though I enjoy a fish on the swing more, I get plenty of excitement out of a steelie bouncing a big ugly with no bobber.

    Good for you Spicolli140! If you ever get that spey, you might enjoy that too....or not. Some folks do, and some don't....who cares. Again, congrats! You are right, it is a monumental moment for you. Sorry that we had to butt in.

    P.S. I bet you don't care where you fall on the "coolometer" too much. :clown:
  11. I8abug,

    I don't know how I can be so mis-read. I don't try to justify how I fish to anyone. I've been in this game a long time. Why would I bother? I've got nothing to prove to anyone.

    As for excitement, you'll never hear me complain about getting bit. Of course after the hit, most steelhead are proof positive that they are the most over-rated gamefish in the world. Perhaps that's why the phrase, "the tug's the drug" is so popular.

  12. Sorry Sg. After reading my own post, it didn't come across they way I intended. Your post just sounded like a "Hey, when you become a "real" steelheader 20 yrs'll grow up.".

    I'm sure I read it wrong, meant no disrespect (although you wouldn't think that by reading what I said).

    As far as being overrated, I don't know. I think trout fishing in general is overrated. But when they cartwheel through the air and take those epic runs...nothing overrated about that!
  13. WTF is a coolmeter? Who sits back and rates internet personalities for cool status? Oh, never mind...I'm cool with being uncool to a bunch of folks that don't know me. I will continue to fish however I feel is the best approach to the water in which I'm standing ballz deep. Why does anyone give two shits how anyone fishes for their steelhead pleasure? Dumbfounded. I have gear rods collecting dust for the past four years. I have never fished a center pin. I fly fish, and sometimes I use a fly line and rod to deliver a nymph, bead, emerger, intruder or whatever the hell else I wish. I'm cool in the mirror of my own mind.
  14. I don't think its so much the tug, but the wake up call the tug provides during a long slow swing. Swinging is one method where you can catch a cat nap, while waiting for a swing to finish out, you dont even have to keep your eyes open.
  15. This coolometer...duh!

    TallFlyGuy's signiture:

    I love watching nymphers molest fish.... They spot one and bounce their beads/flies/splitshot off their back, sides, and forehead 35 times until the fish hits..... Giddy Up!

    "Flossing = snagging = fagsmanship or a zero on coolometer

    swinging successfully = 10 on coolometer

    nymphing from boat = 3

    nymphing from shore = a balmy 5 (get a centerpin, its okay you can still brag about all your flyfishing exploits to your friends)"~~sopflyfisher

    I will not, under any circumstances, ever use a bobber again. Why? Because it's uncool? Noooo....because I suck at it. No that's not a mis-type. I can't stick a fish using a boober. I guess I'm lame and uncool.
  16. I'll pass on saving the thread, point taken though. I can totally see how one could get caught up the technicalities since they are elusive and wile. I think the hype about steels is the nature of the hunt as well as the fact that we live amongst some of the best fisheries for the species in the world. There is something about casting in such beautiful scenery which was also the same water that the pioneers laid the foundation for the sport. As for type of fly used, it was a 2 bead stinger under a bobber. I've bebeads don't count as flies though
    I've been informed that
  17. Mumbles,

    The Coolometer is the last thing in the world you'll ever need to concern yourself with. Sorry pal, but I guess you knew that.


    Gotta' love TallFlyGuy's Coolometer! It keeps the discussion stirred up, gives people a reason to think about their opinions and possibly consider a different perspective.

  18. I didn't come up with the coolometer, but thought it was funny as hell when Sopflyfisher posted it in the speyclave, and then added it to my sig.

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