Step by step: Home made 'indicators.'

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fredaevans, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Nice fish Big Hal! :beer2:Coach
  2. Sweet fish Hal! The flies a bit small to be sure, but an 'SWAG' would suggest a black bodied 'Otis Bug.' And roger that to your other observations.

  3. Fred, correct a variation of the Otis Bug, I call my reverse green butt skunk bug, head is green fluor cactus chennille, then body of black cactus chennille, feelers were orange rubber legs, the silver lady fresh from the big lake liked it at first light, a quick photo as morning light was breaking, and she was on her way up river.


  4. I like the sound of that fly combo/construction. Think I'll have to see if I have all the materials 'on board,' or make a quick trip to the local fishing shop.

    Rather surprised to find a 'real' tackle store still left here in Brookings, and one with a rather complete selection of basic fly tyeing materials.

    A good thing ...... except I've already dropped somewhere around $150 bucks there ..... stern e mail from Joan followed.:mad::ray1:

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