Stewardship And Restoration Of Coastal Rivers Conference

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    Conference Announcement!

    The Coastal Rivers Research Consortium Presents...

    April 12, 2006 * 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    The conference will focus on emerging policy issues, current understanding of coastal rivers as ecological systems, and scientific challenges for the next decade.

    8:00 Registration/Coffee & Pastries
    8:45 Introduction to Conference - Robert Bilby
    9:00 Policy Issues for Washington Rivers - William Ruckelshaus
    9:30 Structural Challenges for Effective Riverine Conservation - William Stelle
    10:00 Salmon Conservation in British Columbia Coastal Rivers - Paul LeBlond,
    Mark Angelo
    10:30 Coffee
    10:50 Ecology of Coastal Rivers in Pacific Coastal Rain Forests - John Richardson
    11:20 Emerging Riparian Perspectives and Challenges in the Pacific Coastal
    Ecoregion - Robert Naiman
    11:50 Lunch (provided)
    1:15 Coastal Salmon Ecology: Key Uncertainties over a Range of Disciplines
    - Tom Quinn
    1:45 Impacts of Global Change on Coastal Rivers in the Pacific NW
    - Edward Miles
    2:15 Pacific NW Estuarine Ecosystems: Scales of Organization
    - Charles "Si" Simenstad
    2:45 Coffee
    3:00 Science Challenges for Restoring Dynamic River Systems - Tim Beechie
    3:30 Sustainable Land Use: Quantitative Assessment of Future Change
    - Stan Gregory
    4:00 Panel Discussion - Brian Winter, Jim Lichatowich, & Speakers
    5:00 Closing - Robert Naiman

    Seattle Museum of History & Industry
    Students: $35
    Professionals: $70

    For more information on the conference and to register:

    For further information not pertaining to registration, send email to or contact the conference coordinators:

    Robert Naiman
    Phone (206) 685-2025

    Kathleen Herrmann

    Sponsored by:

    UW College of Ocean & Fishery Sciences
    UW Earth Initiative
    NOAA Fisheries Northwest Fisheries Science Center
    Olympic National Park
    US Geological Survey (Ft. Collins, CO)
    Weyerhaeuser Company
    US Forest Service (PNW Research Station)

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