Sticky monthly photo thread?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by sothereiwas, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. What do you think? Try and limit it to more artistic photos and not so much fish porn :D
  2. id be down for that...we talken artistic fishing related photos or does anything go?
  3. I'd say anything goes. No reason to limit it to fishing related.
  4. Well, other than this is a fishing site. Lots of photo sites are great at being photo sites.

    However, that is up to Chris.
  5. Keeping it fishing related might be more appropriate. This site has such a great photo gallery setup I though it would be cool to have a place to display the more artistic work on a regular basis.
  6. i agree with Mr. Root. creative, fishing-related photos dont need to be grip and grins, scenery or the token "beer bottle next to fly rod-sunset" pics that have saturated our favorite magazines and such. this might be fun just try and get out side the box and test out what some of the photographers on this site find personally artistic. (omg does that sound cheesy or what?)
  7. Why? There are a lot of sites already existing
  8. for the same reason we have a photo section. Some people dont have the time to frequent lots of boards

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