Still an ammo shortage I see...

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  1. A guy in a store told me that doomsday preppers and survivalists are hoarding .22 ammo because of its ultimate utility, being cheapest, able to kill game, and able to kill a human. That gave me a real cozy feeling about getting in line before one of the stores opens.

  2. Yep. That's what the prepper crowd thinks. 22lr will be the currency of a post apocalypse world. There are a few popular books on the subject that talk about it. I'm just bummed because my kid can't shoot his 22 pistol...

    Josh, on the subject of your other thread, take a look at a Taurus Tracker 357. 4" ported barrel, 7 shot, fully adjustable sights. Helluva fun gun to shoot. Accurate, practical, and reasonably priced.
  3. Doomsday preppers, okee-dokee.
  4. I still have a bunch of 22 ammo that I keep for my daughter to shoot. I recommend reloading some bigger stuff and doing some long range shooting. It's a blast! I get off on reloading it's like tying flys. There are tons of places to take some long range classes and start hiting targets out to a 1000 yards.
  5. I've actually thought about that very gun. It does look like a heck of a lot of fun. I hear the porting makes it bark pretty loud though. Legit, or just internet talk?
  6. Nobody said it was logical.
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  7. It ain't the preppers that are triggering this shortage...they're a relatively tiny bunch of flakes compared to the vast number of people who regularly shot 22...who now react by buying up every brick they come across...throwing more fuel on the fire. People are buying, but not shooting.

    I just hope some of the scalpers take a beating when their stock decreases in value from the eventual glut in 22 ammo.

    As for reloading other can't get any of the components over here. My reloading friends are not shooting either.
  8. Components are out there and not so hard to find anymore. Powder is still a tuff one. But people get stuck on certain components ,when you could try others. All kinds work. I'm still shooting every chance I get. If something runs out I try something new. It's called load development:)
  9. You shooting on the boat?
  10. Not yet. But as soon as I get home Bill!
  11. I think the reason dumbasses are hoarding 22 is because the price of a 500-round brick is easier for them to stomach than 500 or 1000 rounds of centerfire. That way they can brag to their dumbass, zombie-apocalypse-fearing buddies about how many thousands of rounds they have stashed for "when shit hits the fan" without having to spend so much.
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  12. Hard to say. I always use earpro when shooting. Doesn't seem any louder to me, though...
  13. Josh you are right....the ammo producers are upping production but they can't seem to keep up with demand! People no longer buy one box, they buy ten. There is a concern that it may no longer be available or that you might have to register to purchase it......
  14. It's not just the 22's. I've been looking for .357 180gr or better hard cast for my tracker for four months, no luck.

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  15. Odd coincidence that this thread was bumped as I happened to go to Walmart today. Still not much there for handguns. Couple 100rd Winchester .40 boxes and some expensive home defense rounds.

    Oh, and a big flyer about a .22lr recall. As if there wasn't enough pricing pressure.

    I'm about to the point where I'm going to give up shooting as a hobby for a while. Which is a bummer, since I said the same thing last year at about this time.
  16. Persistence and luck play into finding what you want. I have lots of options, gun forums, quite a few stores in my area, etc. Yesterday I was able to find scope rings (not on the endangered list) 22WMR, and some 20/28 powder (scarce right now). Reloading helps with most of my shooting except rimfire. 22's are starting to show up but are still hit and miss. I don't punch paper three days a week like I used to. But that often was making it somewhat boring. Now when I shoot it seems to mean more to me. I spend more time there and take my time. No more blasting and running to the next chore. The cold weather has kept me off the trap/skeet range, but the grandson asked yesterday "when are we going shooting again?" I need to load some 16's for him or let him use one of my 20's or 12's.

    Hang in there and don't buy into the conspiracies...

  17. I would also like to add ,don't perpetuate the problem buy over paying from these guys online who are buying all the ammo, powder, etc and jacking up prices. So frustrating.....
  18. I own this gun and it is a very nice weapon. The ported barrel does make it a touch louder but it is worth it for the added accruacy from reduced kick. Also, it is kinda cool when at the range and you touch this thing off eveeryone stops shooting to see what the hell you fired.
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  19. Ammo manufactures tell us that the shortages we have experienced are attributed to supply and demand. They are expecting this year to be a banner year for ammo sales and are gearing up for same.
  20. Tracker. I picked one up last year. Needed something light for carry in town as well as the mountains and I like the versatility of the .357. There are many folks who don't care for the Taurus line and many reviews can be found stating so. Also many who will claim that the 357 is useless as a bear defense weapon. but to date, I've been happy with the tracker.

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