Still lots of coho

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jeff Hale, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Guess I better get back out there Jeff while you are working this week! :D
  2. yeah, work sucks.
  3. Jeff, your work ensures our future! Larry is just taking advantage of being retired. Nice report.
  4. Ah gees, you guys are going to have to catch all the salmon while I am gone to mainly Idaho, and beyond, next Wednesday for probably 3 weeks of dryfly fishing again this year. Lifes a bitch. But, oh boy, do I like those BIG rainbows.... :D
  5. Gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins. You are killing me. Have a good trip. I'll still be skunk stinky when you get back.
  6. If you don't catch coho while I am gone, we will have to kick your ass... :D
  7. Hale,
    I think I a know where you are fishing. How are the crowds? Anyone there?
  8. Cheeze and Rice Larry, that is harsh. If you would send me those GPS coordinates and secret flies I'd be all over it. If the bald brethern would carry his day instructional theme along to my skunky smelling self in the evening hours I'd be hooking up left and right.

    I'll eventually work my way out of this wet paper bag and put some slime on my mitts and maybe bonk a hatchery return or two for renewed strength.

    To tell you the truth though, anyone would be a fool to fish with me in the salt until I got this skunk off my funk.
  9. hahah mumbles, i wonder if two guys go out and fish the salt, that are smelly skunks if they would catch fish? haha
  10. lets go catch some fish mumbles
  11. im in on catchin fish with you guys too!
  12. Good Tide Sunday early...Hmmm...gotta feeling...
  13. You guys are killing me...I'll probably be somewhere familiar tossing my two handed overhead style with confidence that I'll be putting on a clinic...that will be my happy thought.
  14. Hmmm would love to be hitting the perfect tides sunday but instead I'll be catching some of that Arabian Sun. Good luck to everyone with their Coho excursions this fall!
  15. 2 nice ones this am in can't see pea soup fog. also had a first sighting of an orca from reelfast, neat to say the least. back out tomorrow as the tides are wonderful all the way through monday.

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