Stillagaumish (Main) and So. Fork

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    I fished the SF of the Stilly Wednesday, and had been watching the water line drop daily, by Friday the SF near my home (just below Canyon Creek) was low and crystal clear. No steelies or sign, but beautiful just the same. Last night's rain made a mess of the South Fork, it was coming down, but I didn't think that hard. The SF was brown and swollen by this morning (Sat). I took my family on a drive to the Silvana area an found the Main to be clear and flowing a little higher, but man fishable. Good luck. -Bartolotti
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    Fished the South Fork today. Caught several fish in the 12" bracket. Had one on that bent my rod over pretty good. LDR did not see the fish. I was fishing with a 5wt. All fish were caught on a Elk Hair Caddis Pattern. Something I tied up. So before I go again will tie some more up.

    BARTOLOTTI New Member

    I wanted to fish the South...North...Main...anything tonight, but priorities; mowing my lawn won. Fished the main last night with my wife and my twenty-month-old daughter for about an hour. We fished below Silvana, water was fairly-mostly clear, level dropping, and eagles showing up, and several rollers. Glad to hear you did well, and should hit the South tomorrow night. I, on the Sky (during my lunch) yesterday, caught a nice 16in. Rainbow...hit a Silver Hilton (thanks to Vic's inspiration), third cast, went straight down, and then shot straight up, so cool, jumped a couple more, and then in. Skykomish was clear, fished Tulaco Loop (below Lewis and above "pen". Anyone been up to the North Fork of the Stillagaumish lately? or is that a joke. -Glen
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    Not at all :)
    Isn't too early for sea-run cutts?
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    Glen. Let me know when you are going to hit the river in the evenings. Would like to meet you. I go to this web site at least three times a day. I used to fish the S/Fork in the evening but I guess I just got lazy. I usually go in the day time when there is no one else around so I don't make a fool of myself.
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    Saw the Stilly forum and couldn't resist. Fished her yesterday afternoon north of the railroad crossing. Walked up and down the river for about a mile each way. The river is pretty low and clear. Fished some yummy rapids but no fish. Heard one splash around going after a fly. Man they're quick! Couldn't tell if it was a big SR or a small steelie...I know, wishful thinking on the steelie part. Had a couple small nibbles on a Hares Ear. Tried fishing the surface with a stimulator. Saw a couple other anglers walking in but all in all pretty quiet...except for the low flying planes. First time experiencing that...are those Navy? First entry in the forum. You guys (and gals) write some great stuff. I enjoy reading your experiences. Thanks!

    Flyfishing isn't about catching fish's about experiencing something greater...I'll let you know when I find that out...

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    CCEM66-Sorry to not fish for a few days and make it out to fish with you. I went low today and caught only suckers, got to show my daughter her first fish. My wife and I saw a few nice rollers that kept us interested, then the tide started to back up the river. My wife saw a sea lion...must have rode the tide in. I wish we could have fished a little longer, water was super clear, but an awesome day none the less. Good luck you guys. How about a North Fork report?... Thanks. Glen B.
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    Maybe you went to low. There's good access around Silvana or where the bridge crosses the Pilchuck. Thats where I'm going to go in the next couple of days. Went to fish the Rapid and Beckler rivers yesterday. Just very small ones. Not going there anymore. Too far to drive for nothing. While in the area checked out the TYE and Miller. Nothing going on.

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