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  1. 2fishies

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    Where is the best access? Are there alot of fish there now?
  2. Rob Blomquist

    Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

    I was just there this evening. There are tons of fish in the system, I would suggest hitting the first road downstream of I-5 and fishing the river just upstream of the I-5 bridge, or down stream of there.

    I plan on returning to that reach Sunday Morning.

    Good luck.

  3. 2fishies

    2fishies New Member

    I made my way to Arlington this afternoon. Near the cement plant just out of town, there was a solid line of salmon swimming upstream - 3-4 abreast. I could not believe my eyes. I dropped in from the road, on a steep slant and had to steeple cast. I was able to convince one of them that my slamon fly was tasty. It was a nice fish, medium size. I would say 16-20inches. We fought for a while but since I had no bank to walk him down, I had to go to my backing but he kept driving downstream and then as the line tightend, he took the fly with him. gone. oh well, I tired for an hour to get another w/o luck. :( I haven't seen fish like that since the A section on the Green River in Utah. I tried another spot along the hiway between Arlington and Granite Falls but got invade by swimmers.

    Bottom line there are plenty of fish in the stilly now. Go get 'em!
  4. guest

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    Try the area around Silvana. There is good access at the bridges. The first bridge that you cross going into Silvana is a good place to start. There's parking and good access to the river.:)

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