Stillwater roadtrip Utah/Wyoming

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by JMitchell, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Wow, very cool. It is not the size of fish (although they are huge) but the diversity that impresses me.
  2. Looks like a worthwhile trip. Great pics.
    Looks a little nippy in the weather dept.
    Thanks for the post.
  3. That's a road trip to remember!
    Thanks for sharing.
  5. Some nice pigs there.:thumb::thumb:
  6. Those fish are pigs fer sure. What type of flies lines did you use?
    Same thing happened to me at Lenore and broke my 5 wt trying to horse a fish out of the weeds.
    Lakes fished?

  7. I really got interested in lake fishing when I was living in WY. Talk about under-appreciated resources . . .I couldn't find hardly anyone to go with me to catch fish like the ones in your photo collection. Man, I miss those lakes. Looks like you timed your trip well. Did you lose any fishing days to weather? If I were planning a trip back to WY this time of year, I'd try to budget 30% additional time and plan on some hairy conditions.
  8. Weather was actually quite warm overall. We did wake up one morning to 20 degrees and clear, but didn't stay cold for long. We did not lose any days to weather, although the wind made us work at times. it had been very cold the week before, but then warmed up. The wind definetely added a bite whenever it would pick up.

    Lines use were a Type II and a clear camo. Majority of fish coming on the type II, but I am now a believer in the clear camo. This was my first trip with that line and I was able to fish in the salad without snagging every cast. I did break off/lose quite a few fish as once hooked they had to dive only 1-2 feet to get in the moss. Also how I busted my five weight.

    Best flies were small damsel type patterns and Rickards AP emerger. White buggers also worked well. In the evening in shallow water this fly killed. I had a few fish nearly rip the rod out of my hands. did try chiros a few times when action slowed, but stuck with the other stuff mostly.

    Fished Strawberry reservoir, Calder, Lake Canyon and a few others that will not be named... Also hit the Ham's Fork which is a tailwater outside of Kemmerer.

    Planning Henry's Lake in October next year I think. I use to be strictly a moving water guy, but it's fish like these that have nearly totally converted me to stillwater.:thumb: Here are a few more pics.

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  9. If you do head towards Henry's next fall, send me a PM. I've been out that way a couple times and may have some info.
  10. Will do troutpocket. I remeber seeing your post on Henry's last fall, so any advice when the time comes would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Where did you fish in WY? I lived there for 21 years. I recall a Naughton Reservoir near Kemmerer.
  12. Wow nice fish!!! You've inspired me to broaden my fishing destinations...I think a road trip is in order here in the upcoming new year!!!
  13. Were some of those fish from Piedmont reservoir, otherwise known as Trout King Lake on the Guild Ranch?
  14. Mike-

    We fished both Viva Naughton reservoir and Ham's Fork below the reservoir, both had some really nice fish-mostly rainbows.

    Tippet-The first two fish, the cuttbow and the tiger are both from piedmont. Most of the other pictures are from the Utah part of my trip.

  15. Again nice report and pics. I am a convert to stillwater too when you can catch large numbers of big fish and not have to deal with access, crowding of fishing a run etc. Many really good lakes are untouched in UT, WY and MT. Plan on heading over to Strawberry next April.

    I would check out Hegben too if you are heading over to Henry. Some huge browns in there and a blast to catch on guplers.

    Rickard ties some really effective patterns. Not the most personable guy but ties really nice flies
  16. Thanks Ribka, the trip was a success. Da 'berry as the locals call it fished well for us with lots of numbers, but the fish seemed a little on the skinny side this year. They still fought alright, just not as fat as I remember the last 3-4 years when I was going to school in Utah. I have a few other lakes you will need to check out when go...we will talk.

    I am already pumped for next year's fall trip, sad I know. I'm pretty sure we will be in eastern idaho/sw montana for next years trip. I've got a bunch of lakes on my list and will add Hebgen.

    Check your email for november dates to get out.

  17. Yea, you wanna hit H give a shout. You did fish allot of the waters I fish. I think Caulder even has Kamloops if you thought they fought extra hard.
    Great pictures.

  18. Seriously, the only locals I have heard call it that live in trailer parks...;-) That is just sad. The Fly Fishers call it Strawberry or Berry, but leave off the gansta wanna be "da". LOL
  19. Please excuse me while I drool all over the keyboard . . . epic trip!

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