Stillwater roadtrip Utah/Wyoming

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by JMitchell, Oct 23, 2010.

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    I can't help with "Da", I's straight gansta and that's how I roll...yeah right. Just repeating what I head quite frequently while residing in the beehive state.

    Those fish in Caulder were ridiculous, that is where I busted my five weight and had the rod almost ripped out of my hands a couple of other times.

    I will definetely drop you a line before I head out. Any pointers on Henry's would be appreciated.

  2. ribka

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    Henry's- I had good luck with a size 12 micro leech ( black and red) red bead head trailing a size 16 soft hackle midge pattern. Use moose mane for segmented body. Great patttern

    White WB's work well there too
  3. Blue

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    Caulder has Kamloops, so the 5 weight got what it deserved...LOL Seriously though, sorry about the rod, but Kams are the best.
  4. JMitchell

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    Yeah, I was definetely under-gunned with my 5. I rarely use it, it's usually my spare rod if I want to carry two different lines ect.

    I am sending it in to sage for repair/replacement. i am tempted to ask if they are going to replace, if they don't mind bumping me to a 6. Probably not but we will see. 9'6 6 weight is my next rod I think.

  5. Blue

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    Now that is cool. My Trophy Hybrid from Henry's plus many other BIG fish were caught on a 9'6" 6 wt. It was a TL mid flex 7.5 and the best rod I have ever owned. But, I guess someone else wanted the Mojo!!!!
    I now use the newer less expensive Matrix tip flex, no comparison. :-(
  6. tippet

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    What happened to that great avatar you used to have? You ought to let us know a little bit about some of the stillwater opportunities in your area. I have fished streams in Utah such as the Green, the Provo, and the Price river. I really enjoy stillwater fishing and would love to know more about stillwater opportunities down there. I fished Strawberry once 10 years ago and had a great time at Piedmont reservoir just across the border in Wyoming. Sometime I would like to do an all stillwater trip down in that area and would like to branch out a little more. Is it worth driving down to Panguitch, Minersville, or the Boulder mountains. Are there several good lakes in Northern Utah?
  7. Blue

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    All the lakes are great, and the BOULDERS are like a touchy subject here. Some guys are very secretive about it and get a little anal if the name is even brought up. Panguitch, Minersville are going FANTASTIC.

    Jordanelle is putting out some killer browns and BASS. Like pulling a football up.

    You come out here to do a Stillwater trip, better through Idaho in there too. Allot of Kamloop lakes up there.
  8. tippet

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    Thanks. If I do a Utah trip, I will probably hit Daniels on the way down. The lakes in Eastern Washington and Southern BC are so good, I find myself making fewer and fewer trips out of the area. This is a trip I do need to do sometime, though.

    Thanks for the great report! You have got me fired up to travel that direction again. It will be a tough decision whether to go to Utah/Southern Idaho/Southwest Wyoming, or go to the Cody,WY area where the combination of great streams and great stillwaters is hard to beat.