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  1. Well up to my usual tricks.Fished the Main Stilly at Silvana, the bar below the Town Tavern. I should have went to the tavern, could of had better luck there. Had one hit on a black wooleybugger. Thats all. No fish rising. Went over where the Pilchuck Creek runs in same results. Wind blowing to hard for a 5wt. Went to upper S/fork,thought I was in Seattle,boy a lot of people up there. Couple of hits,just small ones. Now I know why I like to fish durning the week NO PEOPLE. Lower river was clear. Upper was clear above Gold Basin. Tried about 10 different flies. All the ones that usually work didn't.
  2. >Tried about 10 different flies.
    >All the ones that usually
    >work didn't.

    I'm new to this game and about as ignorant as you can get. What are the flies that usually work?
  3. Elk hair Caddis, Stimulator,Royal Wulff,caddis nymph,tom thumb,wooly bugger, and several others I don't know the names of. On top or underneath nothing worked.
  4. I was in N.Fork with Dennis Dickson' steelhead school and occasionally hooked 4 or 5 trout in fast riffles on October caddis. All between 6 and 10 inch. One was silver with dark-grey back and without pink stripe. Could it be a cutthroat?
  5. Did it have slashes under it's jaw.
  6. Thanks for the input. I think I've got most of those in my book. I was having some success on the north fork last week with a black nosed dace bucktail. Landed 4 fish, all small, but that 15 inch native sure put up a fight!
  7. The red slashes under the chin are not indicative. It's a good beginner id method, but not one that any fly fisher should be stuck using. There are far too may cutts without the red markings.

  8. sometimes I release fish so quickly so don't have a time for closer look :)
    when I used to keep fish for food (big rainbows from lakes are excellent eating!) I remember that one of my trout had very pale yellow slashes, pink stripe and teeth in the back of the tongue (could be a cutt sign!) but overall appearance like a rainbow. Probably they tend to cross-breed?
  9. Yes, cutts and rainbows cross breed, and they are commonly known as cuttbows. I have caught them in Spada Lake, but no where else and I am not sure about how often they crossbreed .


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