Stilly Poachers/Clueless Humpy Snaggers Out...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Keith Humphrey, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Keith Humphrey Member

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    Sat and watched nearly 15 people come and go from the Stilly confluence in just a few hour period on Sunday...doesnt open until Sept 1 but you would think season is in full swing as fish were dying left and right...probably a king or two and a DC steel along w Humps...even had the pleasure of watching a number of goons hiking up into the North Fork chucking bait n big ugly pink treble looking objects w glee.

    Anyway, just a heads up to report this when you see it as i called and emailed WDFW poaching hotline but will see if anything changes over next few weeks. Cheers
  2. Broderick Smith SeaToTree

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  3. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Happens every slimer season...
  4. Paul Bucci New Member

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    This is such bullshit. It makes me so furious even though I'm neither from Washington state nor live there currently. Has anybody ever taken it upon themselves to aggressively confront poachers/snaggers here? I'd be curious to hear stories. I'm hoping somebody's got a story that involves a swift elbow thrown or punch to the face of one of these assholes.
  5. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    What's going to happen - as it normally does - is they just close down the frickin river. Going to happen if this bull shit continues.
  6. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    Definitely. People are breaking the law, call the cops. Seems like if they get enough calls they'll at least get annoyed and try to do something. Perhaps that's wishful thinking, but who knows.
  7. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Good to see you are still around and thanks for the Stilly poacher update.

    P.S. Go Dawgs......8/31 :D
  8. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    Talking to the young lady who is fishing game she was saying that there is only 2 designated officers for the snohomish county. She said call the cops
  9. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    Yes - the sequestration/no $$$$$$$
  10. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    Snohomish county is a BIG place
    I'm surprised I EVER see the gamies
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  11. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    Unfortunately - the two remaining agents seem to always suffer from wrong place/wrong time syndrome
  12. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Anymore these days, I can't figure out if it's simple ignorance or just plain defiance....but I'm suspecting the trend is the latter. Maybe I'm just getting outdated, but my observation is that folks simply have less respect for laws and those we commission to enforce them.

    I spent nearly an hour on Sunday morning speaking the Pierce County Sheriff Officer Jay who was largely responsible for setting up the new system at Dash and Browns Point area. He explained that with reduced force, they knew a different approach was needed this year. So, they decided to work with the local town official's to set-up the reader boards coming into the main route advising of the strict parking and fishing regulation rules enforcement, set-up no parking signage and regularly walk both the pier and beach areas to make their presence known. Jay said it has really worked great and they have had very little problems this year as compared to the past He even has a few regulars helping him out by letting others know their mucking things up and that they have his direct line if needed.

    I think his is a great example of how we can get the task done using some novel approaches... if you see him... tell him so.
  13. DennisE Topwater and tying.

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    If I remember correctly, primary enforcement has been handed over to the state patrol. I know there was a lot of discussion last year or the year before about the correct response to poaching being observed on the Cedar.
  14. Jslo Active Member

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    Not from Washington- but here in Colorado last weekend on the river not too far from home, my home river- it was disgusting watching slimey people pull nice rainbow after nice rainbow out on weighted to the bottom worm rigs. Lazy people sit in chairs along the rivers edge and chuck and duck their lead and worms to the bottom and just wait until the drag clicks. The bag limit on trout is 4. I said something to one of the guys, and he said "meh...maybe I'll just keep one or two to BBQ". When I walked past his stringer there were at least 10 on there. Hacks me off. If I had cell signal in the canyon I would have called.
  15. Cruik Active Member

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    I think it's a little of both. I think they know how rare fish and game officers are and they get confident. I think they also don't realize what the consequences would be if they got caught. Poaching, even if you don't catch anything, is a misdemeanor, and I don't think people realize that what they're doing is a criminal offense. In cases like people snagging on the Stilly, or elsewhere, or fishing for and keeping salmon out of season, etc., I'm very surprised that the fish and game doesn't take the approach that the state patrol does, which is to write a ton of tickets and use the revenue production to justify expanding the force.

    It seems like the fish and game guys spend a lot of time gathering evidence and go after fewer, but more serious criminal misdemeanor charges, when they could be writing a much larger number of infractions. I know poaching is generally a misdemeanor, but I believe the WDFW laws also have an infraction catch-all which I would like to see them use more and maybe put it at $500 or something. I just don't think people really believe that what they're doing is going to get them criminal charges, and that's why deterrence fails in this regard. Especially since they're probably right. Misdemeanor charges are hard to stick and they're a time and money-pit for the state.
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  16. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    WDFW has a couple of new enforcement officers for this area. They're being moved around a lot for training purposes and aren't spending all their time around here yet. One of them was giving tickets to humpy fishermen on the lower Stilly a week or two ago.
  17. Keith Humphrey Member

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    Still see people down there every night driving over Hwy 9...I would have started confronting people Sunday but I was with my kids and it wasnt one or two it was like a dozen fairly mean looking guys with a few family type groups as well. It looks mainly like ignorance to me along with a bit of I dont give a *&^%, maybe Ill go post up a few decent sized signs of CLOSED WATERS TILL SEPT 1, at least send a message until they get torn down or graffitied(sp?:) if enforcement doesnt care or have the manpower to stop it. Gotta luv Humpy season!

    PS Good to hear from ya Brian, I have been laying low the past year or two but thought i should poke my head out from my rock:) I will be there 8/31 and you know what is going to