Stilly tribe poaching fish.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Fishlikeyoumeanit, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. Got an early early start on sat. only to find two nets on the lower Stilly, one of which spanned across the entire river. As I started to call the poaching hotline, I saw two guys come outta nowhere. My blood started to boil and I told them they had better get their net legal before I take my knife to it. One of them said "I'm a tribal member, so I get to." I told them that's bullshit then called 911. They quickly gathered their net and left.
    Is anyone policing these people or do they get to do whatever they think they can get away with? I'm pissed and know this is probably going on every morning, of every day, on every river stretch they have easy access. Nice to see all the $ we spend to fish and hunt legally in this state put to good use!
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  2. The Tulalip Tribe, at least at one time, were responsible for tribal fishing enforcement. I did some volunteer work for them when I was laid up years ago using Arc Info to map salmon spawning streams and creeks. Back then they took this sort of thing very seriously.

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  3. Troll.
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  4. Interesting choice for your first post.
  5. The tribes police themselves unfortunately, which does not seem right. There is no check and balance in place which can lead to cases not being investigated or poachers being unpunished.
  6. Don't even start with that passive-aggressive p c garbage. Got something to say, TD? Say it.
  7. What the hell crawled up your ass? Two posts and both are bull.
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  8. I've got another thread for you "USA poaching fish on Stilly"; really, I've seen no fewer than seven US citizens poaching the NF stilly in the past two weeks. They ranged from know-nothings at the Cicero Bridge soaking bait (two fishers on separate days), to a spoon angler approx one mile below that point who turned tail soon after I showed up stating "well....I'm not supposed to be throwing a spoon so I'll leave it to you", to a group of bait soakers at the 115th access who when informed of fly only regs stated "I don't care about the regulations". Two points: there are individuals who poach; and they do not represent their sovereign governments - if they are poaching they are outlaws.
  9. Saying the Stilly tribe is poaching wouldn't be entirely accurate. That'd be like saying the entirety of non-tribal fishermen are poaching because Bubba is down using his pitchfork license to pick up spawning salmon. A tribal member might have been poaching, but given this is your first post, you have zero credibility as far as the rest of us are concerned.
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  10. Not so ignorant now....Fishlikeyoumeanit, you have to have photos apparently for this group of guys...
    oh, and make sure your grammar and punctuation are spot on or they'll attack that too.

  11. Not really sniffer but if you are going to come here and make unsubstantiated claims and act like some sort of badass vigilante then you are likely going to get called on it.
  12. LoL Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit coincidental that all the controversy on here lately regarding the Stilly and netting, and low and behold a "New" member shows up and starts their first thread on the very topic. Weeeiiirrrrddd.
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  13. I'm pretty sure your blatant racism in your previous thread was where you lost all of your credibility Troutsniffer. Racism is ignorant. Eventhough Fishlikeyoumeanit seems like he's trolling for a repeat of your thread, buddying up to his message will not help you save face.
  14. For those of you so quick to brand me a racist and a liar, I have two things. 1: I was not the one to identify them as tribal members....THEY WERE! Perhaps you should look to within for your reason for pulling the "race card" (when you don't care about the facts or they don't fit your narrative, shout "racist") 2: Before calling me a liar, I suggest you call the poaching hotline (as I did today) and ask them if this is a problem. I'll think about accepting your apology, which I'm sure will follow! He sounded glad I called and told me this happens all the time. The Puyallup river is especially bad. He gave me a couple suggestions but told me their hands are tied and there is not much they can do.
    So for the members who think I am a "lying racist", go back and read the original post. Then ask yourself why you jumped to the conclusions you did! All I did was tell you what I saw and what I did.
  15. # of posts=credibility? I'm honored to have the spokesman for all 20k+ members read my post! Be careful getting off that high-horse of yours!
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  16. Interesting response.
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  17. dubious timing indeed, but it's clearly not the same guy. someone a little more articulate coming, guns loaded, to speak up for the mercilessly bullied troutsniffer. first post is obviously a troll to that end, even more effective than a gill net.

    fishlikeyoumeanit, if you are still confused as to why you've been labeled a racist (if indeed you have), look no further than your first post, as you suggested others do. "these people" is not exactly a term normally associated with cross cultural embrace. one can imagine the first nations uttering your exact same sentence though, when white people first entered this region - "Is anyone policing these people or do they get to do whatever they think they can get away with?"
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  18. THAT is what you came up with??? "these people" is the nicest thing I could think of to describe someone illegally netting fish. I wanted to call them "these assholes", but I didn't think it appropriate.
  19. I think what everyone here is missing is that "this guy" reported illegal fishing. Thanks for doing your job as a citizen and an American.
  20. don't fuck with Brother Eagle's fish

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