Stilly tribe poaching fish.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Fishlikeyoumeanit, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. your restraint is admirable.
  2. I totally agree with you Sean!
  3. JE,Kerry,Evan,Nick,Steffan.........the crickets are deafening! Just as I thought.
  4. maybe sean. and if so, cheers to you for pointing it out. but if you look at the context and timing, it seems pretty possible he didn't see or report anything and is just trolling. anyone can say they saw anything. if we are celebrating american values and citizenship, how can you presume the guilt of the people he's accusing with zero evidence?
  5. No back story here or dubious motive. Just spent the last 20min. reading troutpounders thread. What a fustercluck that was. Like poking a hornets nest. Like him I was just letting people know what I saw on the river, and people ran w/ something else. The guy @ wdfw said this is a real problem. Call them and ask for yourself. They are looking for input. That's what they are there to do. Also, it was too dark for a pic. so, no evidence. Next time, I'll bring the floodlight and CSI kit!
  6. I'm wondering why people are so judgemental , Those guys netting the river might be native indians and might be well within their rights to fish how ever they want on the stilly. Confronting people on the river bank is a good way to get your ass beat.A call to wildlife officials is the way to go.
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  7. Dflett68, this isn't a court of law, and lets face it both Natives and Non Natives poach and use illegal fishing methods. If this guy is trolling, at the very best he is bringing up a growing problem that has been pointed out on this forum many times, even though it is their, and by their I mean Native Americans who live in this great state, legal right to fish by traditional means, they sometimes do so irresponsibly and not according to tribal, state and federal law. If he isn't trolling and he did in fact call the poaching hotline or 911 he did what every person who bought a permit to fish in this state should do when that situation occurs, kudos to him. Also, if you are going to be waxing intellectual about accusing people with out proper evidence you have done the same to this person who was, without direct evidence, trolling. In either case neither of our arguments would hold up because of direct evidence. This will be my last post on this string because I come to this site to learn more about fly fishing and see the fish that others have caught so I can live in envy of them until I become one of the them.

    Tight-lines all.
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  8. Well said.
  9. one thing i do that is very effective is take pics with a still cam and with a movie cam. it really works wit lots of stuff. mike w
  10. like i said before, "maybe sean, and if so, cheers to you for pointing it out."
  11. All this banter is going on and you're missing the real action on the other post about a wading staff freezing up! Come on all, get your priorities in line!
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  12. Fishlikeyoumeanit, I was not calling you a racist. I was simply pointing out to Troutsniffer, that he is not going to win his argument from his previous thread by buddying up to your post.
    He has already lost his credibility by spewing his racist rants in that thread. Read it and I think you might understand.
  13. The burden of proof is always on the one making the claim...
  14. I guess nobody bothered to call the Tulalip Tribe's fisheries department and talk to them about it, huh? Seems to me that it would be interesting to learn what they have to say on the problem.

    The Tribes do have rules that they have all agreed to abide by. And they do enforce them.

    As far as Tribes enforcing their own rules.... well, isn't that what *we* do, too?

  15. Kind of what I was thinking. He says he called WDFW, but WDFW wouldn't be the ones to call in this situation, nor would the poacher hotline. If it was a tribal member, there's nothing either of those agencies could do.
  16. That's not to say the tribal member knew that though. If anyone is breaking the law and is caught red handed, as soon as any authorities are called, they are likely to scatter regardless of jurisdiction. Don't you think?
  17. The alleged perpetrators did scatter but that's not the point. The point is that the person caught red-handed used a tribal affiliation to explain himself. Since the tribes have rules about this then the tribe most likely to be responsible for enforcing those rules would be the Tulalips. Even if they aren't, they'd be most likely to know where to take that information.

    The tribes themselves have an interest in ensuring that their members follow both the rules for the tribes and, where applicable, the state (they already have to follow Federal rules). Using tribal affiliation to explain away illegal activity by tribal members is not in the best interest of the tribes. I suspect they'd like to know about it when it happens.

    In addition, the persons doing the netting may be native American but not tribal members and may not have any more fishing rights than any other person. The tribes would probably like to know about that, too.

    But if the Tulalip's response is "so what?".... well, that would be interesting, too.

  18. I've reported many nets to tribal authorities. Never had a "so what" response. They've been dealt with every time. Can't say the same for reporting violations to WDFW.
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  19. i must say i am disappointed that these first Nations members stretched that net to the otherside of the river, and its good that responsible citizens take responsibility for the enviroment and the fruits that are shared, by reporting this obvious mistake and oversight. i'm sure if reported to the first Nations Elders, it will be handled in a most advantages method for us all, thus increasing our bonds and pursuits in maintaining this beautiful Eco system we all share, and take from.
  20. And I agree with Topstoy agreeing with Sean...that's cool right? The main point is indeed getting lost in the PC pissing match. If the story is true then action needs to happen to stop it. I was one of a number of folks who called in about similar illegal netting on the Nisqually about 15+ years ago. That resulted in a sting operation and attention getting blatant activity throttled.
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