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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by easymends, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Been getting into using more tube flys recently. I have always liked them but always found it was much easier to just tie on a fly that had a fly already attached, especially in the winter months when the hands were cold, dont have to deal with hooks and threading it on, etc.

    I been mainly using Owner SSW in size 4 but there are certainly a lot of options for hooks these days. Seems people also prefer a size 2 regardless of the size of the fly.

    Do you use a specific size hook regardless of fly size, comparing the Silveynator for example to something much larger like a Tube Snake. Would you still use a size 4 for both these flies?

    Thoughts welcome.

    Tight lines.
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    I use both SSW size 2 and 4, I like size 4 when I get below a 30mm shank or if the fly is smaller in size. Over 30mm and I go right to the #2. I
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    Over the course of the year I fish steelhead flies from size 8 to 3/0.

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    For Intruders and other stinger-type flies, I use the same hook in #1 for the bigger flies, #4 for the summer size flies.