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  1. How crazy is this float? I have heard from some that it is swift but really is no problem with basic knowledge. On the other hand some of my books say it is an expert section. I know above leidle it can be hairier than roseanne.

    I will be doing a 3 day trip the weekend of 20 th and would like to klick 2 out of 3 daya
  2. It's nothing crazy. There's a corner or two that had sweepers the last time I did it 2yrs ago. But you can see them far enough away to plan accordingly. I've taught a few people how to row on this float with no problems.
  3. No problem, you'll be fine. Especially if you're doing it in a one man craft.
  4. i will be one manning on friday and two manning my new outcast on saturday
  5. We still on for a float sat? Let me know.
  6. as far as i know. Im doin a 3 day camp trip the following weekend with my dad which is supposed to be the maiden voyage with its new owners
  7. im just hoping for no rain, cuz i sent my waders back to simms for a new pair
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  8. Soda Springs, half way down the float has a lot of big machinery tearing out the old logging road and it is putting some color in the water. For new rowers to the Klickitat I always like to see the look on their faces as they go over the first waterfall just below the Stinson boat launch. My 8 year old son was hiding in the front of the boat crying and as soon as we went through the wave train coming out of the falls and he could look back, "That was so cool dad lets go back and do it again". Jesse and Luke rowed it at 3000 CFS last June, it was a long wave train.
  9. Craig ol' buddy,ill be at ice house tomorrow- Sat,ill swing by if your around,say adios! Take care-Jeffrey
  10. Craig ol' buddy,ill be at ice house tomorrow- Sat,ill swing by if your around,say adios! Take care-Jeffrey
  11. Nice float - but there's no fish in there this year.
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  12. yah thats what i hear, just want to practice casting in a nice a atmosphere is all

  13. If the clarity improves and you get your hands held into the box by Troy, maybe you could go 6/6 though. ;) Never know!
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  14. The float isn't crazy at all. I did it two years ago and never even noticed the part that is supposed to be difficult just upstream of the slide take-out.

  15. Not too bad, just like anywhere, just keep your eyes open and pay attention, and you're all good.
  16. hmmm Stinson flats to slide inn you'll have some portaging to do and a lot of up stream rowing you might want a couple push poles

    Down the Klickitat, up the columbia. portage the the Dalles dam more rowing portage and row past all the dams on the Columbia and snake then Portage from Henry's lake over the Continental divide then Up the Madison to Slide Inn.. but there might be snow on the ground by the time you get there but it sounds like and epic voyage..:D
  17. I got a couple bed sheets to use as a sail
  18. I concur with Salmo G.. just be wary of shutes that go into sweepers and make sure you don't go into dead end channels.

    no real rapids to worry about just trees. just be careful and you'll be alright..
  19. Thanks for the feedback.everyone
  20. It's easy, just point at anything you don't like so you can pull away from it. Nothing difficult at all. Beware of large fish that could send you on another track...just pull away from those too.
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