Stocking up my leech box for fall

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by troutpocket, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Did a little tying the past few nights filling in holes in my leech box. Fall is leechin' time . . .
    IMG_2794.JPG IMG_2799.JPG
  2. Thanks for the nice pics. I also find that an off-white works well.
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  3. Nice looking flies trout! can I suggest some of these for your quiver? I do very well speed trolling these kinds with the bead chain eye's! Oh and can I steal some of those you tied for my quiver? ;-)~ boise la grande trip 063.jpg boise la grande trip 064.jpg boise la grande trip 066.jpg
  4. Very nice! I hope I can get the skills to tie something similar some day.
  5. Very nice, Mark! I've been experimenting with bead chain eyes and have some of your "bloody mary" leeches in my box. What is that body material? Kinda looks like crystal mohair.
  6. heres one i just came up with, i call it the bear suckin leech. hook,black bear, thread, and bead. slayed on cooper with it yesterday.

    P1000286.JPG P1000285.JPG
  7. Bob Jones had it! that's why I posted the pic of it in my hand - I don't know what the hell it is. someone from this sight showed it to him a few years ago so I can't claim the fly - BUT IT WORKS!

    McNASTY, now I have to kill a black bear? nice looking, love how full the bear hair makes the body! HA - MY LAB LOOKS LIKE A BLACK BEAR----
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  8. Uh oh, I see a trend starting... Hmm, where'd the neighbor's cat go...
  9. TP, what size are the little red ones? Like those!
  10. I do too! Is that squirrel tail tied in for the tail?
  11. Hey Ford,

    Those are #12 scud hooks. It's the red version of this pattern. minileech2.JPG
  12. Yes on the squirrel strip tail! Good stuff . . .
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  13. Ahhhh.... what I call the barrel bug. A fly I saw used successfully on the March 1st opener.
  14. TP, very nice ties!
    Must confess I'm a leechaholic, yet to find water where a leech pattern won't work.
  15. Yeah, that red pine squirrel is is killer, and the barrel eyed barrel bug bloody Mary leech is also a killer. I just tied both up with some jig hooks.
  16. Cinnamon!
  17. Nice ties! I do love me some leech action. I can't WAIT for the fall. I've been working so damn much I haven't even had a chance to look at my tying desk, let alone actually sit down at the vise. I need to get busy, though the lack of fishing this spring/summer hasn't exactly decimated my boxes either. God I'm itching to get out.
  18. I carry bead belly leeches, simi seal leeches, Finks, and seal buggers. Black, olive, red, brown, white, and mixes of all of them. Size 8 and 10. Love it!
  19. Care to share pics?

    I'm working on another batch of different leeches and dragon nymphs and will post pics when I'm done.
  20. A few more leeches, dragon nymphs, and softhackles. IMG_2817.JPG IMG_2816.JPG
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