Stoeger Condor...not happy!

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by andrew, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. andrew

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    Whenever it comes to shotguns I can't help but think of Elmer Fud and his barrel splayed out when I read shell warnings. It is amazing though how a 'little' more powder and choke constriction can change a guns recoils...never forget the first turkey load I fired!
  2. Zack Dudley

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    Oh andrew you either?? ahaha i second that
  3. jcnewbie

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    Thanks for the response Mr. E....still not sure I understand thoroughly so guess I'm gonna hafta' do some "ballistic research" on this issue myself. I have talked to a couple of gun shop owners/staffers who just look at me with that, "duh, I dunno, that's just the way it is" look!

    Even tho I realize that it may take slightly higher pressures with steel shot to achieve the same level of penetration as lead shot (E=MC2 -squared) I am unable to rationally correlate the slight increase in pressure as being a hazard in older, less metalurgically refined guns using lead shot....but then whadda' I know?:beathead:


    IGOTTEM New Member

    I was given a Stoegor Condor 20 ga. o/u. I love it, it has shot Green Heads in Nebraska Pheasants in South Dakota. In my opinion for the money it cost you can't go wrong. Mine also was made in Brazil.
  5. J.Butch

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    I just shot my first bird with mine today and am happy to have a notch in the stock. Forest Grouse, Mt. Baker area...

    IGOTTEM New Member

    J.Butch, I have several guns in my case, but I always pickup the Storger when I go bird hunting. It's a sweet little gun. Enjoy yours!
  7. Slipstream

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    Jc, Since lead shot is softer than steel shot it deforms as it is propelled down the barrel, steel shot (being harder) does not deform, therefore it can bulge a barrel as it exits. Most barrels that are approved for steel shot are thicker and heavier than non-steel shot barrels.
  8. ribka

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    That is some of the best advice regarding shotguns that I have read in some time. You obviously know quite a bit about firearms.

    I was thinking of picking up an older Winchester O/U. I have a citori and do not shoot as well with it as my other shotguns
  9. Duck Creek Trapper

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    bought my condor about 8 yaers ago. i own a 11-87,a nova,an 870,and a older savage. i have been shooting a minimun 50 rounds(cheap factory loads ) for 24 weeks a year for the last 8 years or so with an occassional round of sporting clays and this 300.00 gun has yet to fail me ( hope i havent jinks myself )ii shoot this better than the any of the others . The new man on the trap team just bought one hope he has as good of luck as i have.