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Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. I had my truck broken into last night at Pioneer Park in Tumwater. So keep your eyes on the lookout for a lot of Simms gear. Guide Jackets and waders in XXL. Misc layering stuff from Simms and Patagonia in XXL. But bag is what will be the kicker. It's an LL Bean blue adventure bag in large. The kicker with it that makes it stand out is it's embroidered with Project Healing Waters. Not many of those bags out, and only those directly involved with program have them. Also, a blue Fishpond Coyote bag FULL of salmon/steelhead flytying materials, including a dynaking barracuda jr pedestal vise and HMH tube fly vise. All the tools inside were Wasatch except 5 of the bobbins were griffin. A tfo pro 10' 5wt and a deer creek 5/6 spey were taken too.

    Can't think of much else on the fishing side. Craftsman tool box (larger slim profile black plastic) and misc gear taken.
  2. Sorry to hear that, Jerry. I'll keep an eye peeled on sales sites & papers in this area.
  3. Goddammsonofabitchenpunkassthieves!!!
  4. That really sucks Jerry, sure would like to catch them in the act.......
  5. I live here in Olympia so I'll keep an eye out around town and on CL and the like. Sorry about your experience. Meth head's keep getting worse and worse these days.
  6. fak...fak...fak!
  7. Thanks. I've been watching the online sales. I'm pissed losing everything, but realized my Purple Heart tying bag was in there with a few completed flies. With all my stuff on the truck saying i work with wounded soldiers, just shocks me they still broke in.
  8. Jerry, sorry to hear that..I know how ya feel I had all my truck broke into in june and they got all my flies(30yrs worth) along with a mess of shooting equipment..I will keep my eye open also..I'm on the hunt also, but probly gone for good..

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