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Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by Will Atlas, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. TomB and myself were fishing the sky near the town of gold bar last night in my pontoon boat. We pulled the boat out on the bar and walked up river to fish. When we returned, the boat was gone. I know it was taken by people because we pulled it a good ways above the water. It must've been taken by someone in a boat, because there is no way to access the south side of the river there on foot. I'm hoping this is a big mistake and someone thought they were doing a good deed by picking up someones lost pontoon. If you know anything, or hear anything about the whereabouts of my pontoon boat, please let me know. Its a blue outcast fishcast 9 footer.

    Will Atlas
  2. Damn Will! That sucks big time! I'll keep my eyes and ears open. What's the world coming too when you need to lock up your boat to fish a gravel bar? :mad:
  3. Boy are things getting bad on the river!
  4. Actually there is a way to access the south side of the river, don't know where or how, but I have seen people over there in PU's and on quads often over the years. Must be some FS road or private property access back there.
    Thieves will always find a way to steal, sorry they got your 'toon, hope you find it...or them :mad:

  5. That sucks!

    Is is the newer IR design, or the older flat style pontoons?

    Did you catch anything?

    So did you ride in tom's lap on the way back??
  6. Man, that's as bad as it gets. :(
  7. Thats lame... What a way to end a day!
  8. sorry bout your boat. I've been a victim myself back in the day, now I either hide my oars or lock them to the frame with a cable so they cannot be used. Also if there is a big tree around, I'll lock it to that. The last thing I want is hitch hiking or swimming for that matter for a ride back.

    I hope you find your boat.
  9. sucks man. maybe it was a tweaker.
    I got smash-n-grabbed at Kapowsin spring before last, and I still feel violated-
  10. Did you have your information on the boat somewhere. So that if someone did find it they knew who to return it to?
  11. I think that was one of my many reasons that I moved out of that State.

    Too many god damn thieves.

  12. In light of this terrible thread I recommend the following for those with pontoon boats and or float tubes. If they have zip bladder covers how about everyone label thiers inside with their name and address? That way when someone offers one for sale for a ridiculous price (drug seeker tweaker for example) then we can drop the dime on them to the authorities, recover the stolen item and get it back to the rightful owner. Hell, I'm gonna mark mine this afternoon when I get home and hope that whenever mine gets lifted that one of you here on this awesome forum finds it and let's me know.

    Sorry Will for your being victimized, I hope that your insurance will do you right and I hope that karma rules prevail over those willing to steal your boat and leave you stranded.
  13. What a work hard to do what you love and someone just pisses all over it.
  14. Wow...even if this was a “mistake” no one should ever touch another’s craft. This infuriates me and I hope you find these folks. One tip of advice: check Craigslist & eBay as many thieves’ will sell this ASAP. I had my 8HP Yamaha kicker stolen off my Boston Whaler and we nabbed the thieves’ by using Craigslist -- Just a thought for you. I’m sorry man. Since we have car alarms, why not pontoon alarms and tube alarms. That is, if someone touched or moved the craft, it would activate a year-piercing sound that you could hear for at least one mile away (maybe I have a creation here). Those are just some suggestions now that it’s gone...monitor the Internet (not always, but more times that not thieves’ use this medium to sell your stolen items) Amazing it’s come to this on so many “battleground rivers”...My Bests, Dan
  15. Seeing this makes me have to reconsider not packing when I'm out by myself...Hmmmmm.:mad:
  16. This sucks, I have no words.

    Glad you were able to get back across the river OK.

    Best, Brian
  17. Keep an eye on craigslist for your boat! Someone might be that stupid! Also, do you have any pics you could post of it so other folks can keep an eye out for it?
  18. Were you and TomB out of sight of the river as you were going upstream from the boat, Will? And did you see any boats go by?

    I'm trying to figure out if whoever took it arrived by boat, or on foot.

    That sucks, either way. Now I'm even more paranoid about leaving my boat unattended and out of sight when I'm wading! :mad::mad:

    All my cam straps have my name and phone number on 'em, but I'm gonna mark my pontoons and frame, too.

    For the last few years, I started dropping an anchor in the river, in a slow,shallow spot, and letting the boat anchor-swing in the current while I wade. I've been doing this to try to minimize drag wear on the 'toons, but I suppose it probably discourages casual theft, too? :hmmm:

    Hope ya get yer boat back, Will.
  19. yeah, we are pretty sure that whoever stole it arrived by boat. There is pretty much no way to walk in there. And with the river as high as it was, I dont think even a tweaker would be stupid enough to swim across to steal it. Apparently a friend of a friend thought she saw it on sale in someone's garage yesterday between monroe and goldbar. unfortunately those are all the details she could remember. I attached a stock photo of what the boat looks like.


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