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  1. Body length (no tails or antennae) was probably 3/4-7/8" in length. Looked basically like a miniature golden stone, to my untrained eye. The reddish-brown markings on the segmentation and smearing on the tip of the abdomen seemed a bit more defined than in this crummy photo, and the picture from on top (which is much more accurate color-wise) shows the top of the abdomen is this way too. (Is that normal? Can't say I've ever looked at the top of a stonefly abdomen before.) One thing I'm noticing now is that the antennae are lighter colored from underneath. Is that normal too?

    011 stonefly 050412.jpg 017 stonefly 050412.jpg
  2. tkww-

    I believe it to be of family Perlodidae (Patterned Stones) and genus Skwala.

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