Stonefly pattern to imitate skwala nymph

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by sstasiak, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. sstasiak New Member

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    Hey guys

    I just tied this fly in an attempt to imitate the skwala stonefly nymph for my trip to the Yakima. This fly is tied on a size 8 hook. Is the color too light?

  2. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    I'd go darker with some olive dub. I like the wide spaced swanundaze and all the leggy goodness of the thorax - very buggy.
  3. Big E Moderator

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    Ditto what Jim said...tie them in olive, olive-brown, and black.
  4. riseform Active Member

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    I like your pattern. The first time I fished skwalas on the Yakima I tied a bunch of them as instructed in dark olive colors. On the river, I found the real deal to be much lighter and almost translucent in color.

    Here are some excellent skwala nymph photos from members of this forum. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
  5. sstasiak New Member

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    I've seen a couple of these on the website. They look much like the golden stonefly nymphs found in my home waters. Here's one from a wild rainbow mountain stream in NJ:

  6. cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

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    It is my experience that these bugs on the Yakima have a dark brown abdomen set off with brown-yellow between segments. The ventral side of the thorax tends to be a mix of dirty-yellow and brown. Most commercial patterns are tied with more olive, but I don't really see it in the bugs. Of course, I'm a guy and have color discrimination limited to primary colors, but that's my story. Here are some Skwala nymphs that I have tied and used successfully [focus is mediocre, I know.].

  7. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    Here's a shot of the underbelly of one as well as a store bought pattern that works well.
    The rubber legs add nice movement.

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  8. Porter Active Member

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    That's money Itchy :thumb:
  9. cutthroatking screw work lets fish

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    I like to tye mine with bronze peacock hurl(if you can find it).Igot a bunch from a buddy last spring and I'm almost out.Ilike the way the hurl looks in the water,but getting it to hold up after afew fish sucks.Just like any other hurl fly counter wrap your rib.I wish I could post a picture but I don't have the set up for that.

  10. Panhandle Active Member

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    Use a Pat's rubber legs and call it good. Seriously, it's the only pattern you'll need on any river that hatches small to medium sized stones. It will out fish any skwala nymph pattern you'll try to imitate.
  11. cutthroatking screw work lets fish

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    Pan you are right.But that goes against every thing a fly fisherman is about.You Need to have as much shit for every situation as possable.:rofl:
  12. LT Member

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    Pat's stone is a great pattern and tough to beat!
  13. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    I try to match the color of the abdomen as accurately as possible for dry flies when I fish skwalas, but I've had better luck with exaggerated colors on nymphs. I use a bright sparkly-gold dubbing or metalic crochet yarn on my nymphs. Scroll down to see some examples on this thread:
  14. Jmills81 The Dude Abides

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    I say the Pats in Olive....good to go
  15. Zach M Because I floss so hard

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    im tyin some of these!
  16. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    Size, profile and movement > color.
  17. SteelieD Non Member

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    Tough to beat a Pat's. Easy and effective. But, sometimes you just want to be a little more elaborate...

  18. Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

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  19. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    Preston ties very nice Skwalas. I'm not sure about his skwala nymph but his floater, the Slackwater Black is his go-to skwala. I'd wager that he fishes the topwater version even before they are hatching out and does very well.