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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. alright! i've been gone and out of circulation for awhile and am chomping at the bit to start tying again so i thought i suggest a stonefly swap. it's a little early for stones but not a big deal. i won't be home for another 3 weeks roughly so i would make the deadline, flies to me, say feb. 21. 12 tiers, 1 pattern each of your favorite stonefly imitation. doesn't matter if it's a nymph, dry, etc. i hate to sound like a dick but would prefer no beginning tiers, sorry.

    me-orange stone - recieved
    cabezon-skwala dry - recieved
    stillwater-pmx/stimulator - recieved
    dick ross-dark stonefly nymph - recieved
    P-FITZ98-mean nymph pattern - recieved
    steeli-dark stone nymph - recieved
    david dalan-wiggly legged bastard - recieved
    islander-montana stone- recieved
    cruncher-crazy legged stone - recieved
    marty-two tone - recieved
    burci-something that floats - recieved

    swap is now closed!
  2. I'm in. I'll tie a Skwala dry, just in time for March.

  3. Geeze, Mike I only tie for Dicks.....haha!!!!
    I'm in for a wire-wrapped golden stone nymph

  4. Mike you can put me down for my crossbreed of a PMX/Stilmulator pattern I've been working on.
  5. outstanding!
  6. I don't have any choice but to be a Dick! Maybe I will try to be a Mike instead. Anyway I am in will probably tie a dark stonefly Nymph.
  7. welcome dick!
  8. Ive got a mean nymph pattern that sinks like a stone(no pun intended), if thats cool.
  10. I'm in. I'll tye some type of #8-10 dark brown stone nymph.
  11. I've got a black, wiggly legged bastard I'll contribute.
  12. I'm in....I'll tie a Montana Stone Nymph.
  13. bump.........:thumb:
  14. Looks like there's a couple spaces left. If so, count me in, with a crazy leg stone.
  15. only need two more.
  16. I will take a spot if one is still up for grabs - two tone foam dry
  17. Sweet, Thanks Marty. We need one more. Come on guys step up:)
  18. save the best for last. as for the pattern: don't know yet, but it will be cool, probably gonna float.
  19. Nice, I'm hoping for the same.

    Doughty you can thank me later.:p
  20. swap is now closed! welcome marty and burci

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