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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. alright just to recap. we now have 12 playas and the deadline to me is feb 21. marks get set, go!
  2. Mine are done Mike. Let me know when you are back from the "Sand Box" and where to mail them. Steve
  3. islander and the rest of you participants, my mail is no lomger be forwarded here so you can mail the flies to:

    1186 w. 5525 s.
    riverdale, ut. 84405

    quick work islander, good on ya.
  4. Mike, Since I'm in the Streamer Swap also, I'll send them both as soon as I tie the streamer. Should be well before the first swap deadline.
  5. no sweat!
  6. Tied some mean rubberband stoney nymphs last night.Will be shipped this week.
  7. Mine are done and will be on the way shortly.

    While I generally have several "go to" flies for me here in the Midwest, I usually tie this one on when I want to change things up. The oversized legs just seems to trigger the steelies at times I guess. Browns dig it too.
  8. nicely done cruncher!
  9. Finally got to the post office and they're on the way.

    Note, take care opening the box so you can reuse it to ship back. That box is a veteran of several other swaps already.

    Inside I included mailing labels, from and to, as well as the return postage you'll be needing. Tried to make it as easy as possible for you.

    Enjoy the extras I tossed in. Thanks for hosting. :thumb:

  10. just checking on statuses. i know cruncher's are in the mail
  11. Mike, are you in the states now? Mine are done,just need to ship them.
  12. yes i am back. cruncher's came in the mail yesterday.
  13. Been working on them, is the due date the same:beer2:
  14. yes it is marty
  15. cruncher i just got home and saw your flies. real nice work.
  16. Appreciate that, considering the great flies yourself and other on this site tie up.

    What sucks is that after I sent those out, I decided to stock up my box with a few and for laughs, I tossed on some biot antenna on the front and they look real nasty. Wish I would have done that for the swap. :beathead: Live and learn I guess. AL
  17. just wanted to check and see how everyone is coming
  18. Mine are done, I just need to get off my ass and ship them.
  19. The head cement is drying on the dry flies. They should be in the mail on Monday.

  20. still working, mine are rather involved

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