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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. i have been trying and trying to find a stone of some sort that i could get to look 1/2 worth a shit and finally found something that i liked the way it turned out. pretty basic but thought it looked pretty good. man, i have been stumped
  2. Check your email Mike........sent ya a couple of ideas.
  3. got mine done this morning. i'll send them out to myself today. so far i have mine and crunchers
  4. Hope they arrive soon,Mike! Ill try to find time between shoveling snow and more snow,plow my way to the PO, and get em' to ya.
  5. we have now hit the 3 weeks out point. from here on out i will send reminders probably once a week to make sure people have not forgotten.
  6. Got both of my ties complete for the Stonefly and Streamer Swap.
    I'll send them both at the same time..Sound good?

    Can you P.M. or confirm the complete mailing address?

    1186 w. 5525 s.
    riverdale, ut. 84405
  7. the address is correct
  8. o.k. 2 weeks to go and i have only 1 set of flies other then mine.
  9. had an update. due to unavoidable circumstances we had one person that couldn't get it done. this is not the norm for him so for those who haven't got theirs tied yet or haven't sent them in yet, subtract 1 of your flies.
  10. Heh folks that person be me, the wife and I have some unplanned situtations going on right now and I'm having to bow out. Sorry for this, especially since I always see the swaps through to the end.

    I just don't have the extra time to tye. Please except my apologies for this one, I promise the next one I'll put in a few extras, extras for Mr. Mike...

  11. Mine are ready to go. Will be in the mail Monday as I forgot to bring them to town today.
  12. thanks for the update dick
  13. Mike , I could jump in and fill up the roster if you`d like . I`m in full-bore tying mode , and would have no problem getting them tied up in time .

    If you`re set on the tiers you already have , no problem , maybe next time . Please let me know either way .
  14. i appreciate you offering brian but since i just tols everyone to send one less i don't want to jerk them around and tell them to disregard my last post and tie another one up. thanks anyways
  15. OK , no problem .:thumb:
  16. My flies are in the mail stone fly.
  17. thanks for the update
  18. I've got'em done we'll rendezvous on sunday and hand deliver'em
  19. roger that!
  20. O.K., here's what i can gather from previous posts.

    burci-still working on them
    marty-still working on them
    dick ross-done and waiting to mail them
    islander-done and waiting to mail them
    p-fitz-done and waiting to mail them
    david dylan-done and waiting to mail them
    cabezon-done and waiting to mail them

    if anything's changed guys let me know. only a week and a couple of days left till the deadline.

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