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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. how bout it? i haven't done one on this site in awhile, am involved in three other swaps on another site so am in the tying mood. standard swap rules apply. send a self addressed envelope or a couple of bucks to cover the mailing charge. 10-12 tiers with a deadline of mar 5. nymphs or dries will work but i would prefer no stimmies please. if you must then you must, i just have so many stimmies already and i don't like that pattern. not to be a dick but if you don't know how to tie.....need not apply. also, if you don't think you can make the deadline then don't sign up, although i understand that life happens sometimes.

    NIrodneck-pat's stone-received
    jergens-chubby - done
    western-bird's stonefly nymph - received
    thomas mitchell-skwala-recieved
    pat - recieved

    THIS SWAP IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now everyone can get tying
  2. It's been a while since I"ve been in a swap, I'll throw my hat into the ring.
  3. I am in! First of the year! #10 Pat's nymph in Skwala colors.
  4. I'm down, and agree, stimmies suck! I'll tie a chubby variation.
  5. i dig the chubby but i don't know gonna have someone tie those for you cause i've seen your chubbies and they are suspect :). did that sound gay?
  6. yes, very gay. I'll tie up a special chubby just for you!
  7. Count me in with a Bird,s Stonefly nymph
  8. western is in
  9. I'll join. Some sort of low-riding stonefly dry in Skwala colors. I'll let you know exactly after the weekend.

    Thanks for hosting!

  10. sounds good thomas
  11. Yellow sally dry or nymph mike? I don't think fish eat sally dries, but i catch the crap out of them on nymphs.
  12. well then i will rethink my selection
  13. usually theses things fill up pretty fast......maybe i scared people off
  14. LOL...

    Your 'firm' intro was the reason I joined.

  15. Probably because you're an asshole mike :) if we don't get more people I'm down to do a dry and a nymph if you guys are interested.
  16. from one asshole to another, i would be fine with that.
  17. Sign me up Sarge!
  18. i'll c what i can do pat
  19. I am in. Going to take a couple of days looking at patterns before I make a decision.
  20. make sure it is a pattern that comes with a 20 fish/day guarentee

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