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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. the sign up is moving slowly so if we can get 2 more i'll close it
  2. m80 with an eye for your tippet? just make sure you cast quick after lighting :D
    gives a new meaning to chuck and duck
  3. since there doesn't ssemt to be much interest in this one and we do have 8 players, you guys down for 2 flies each? 2 nymphs, dries, one of each, but 2 different patterns?
  4. 2 different dry patterns
  5. Sure, I can handle two. Second will probably be a nymph.

  6. Yep, I can tie up two patterns.
  7. yeah sounds good to me
  8. calvin1 and western are down for fewer people, 2 patterns each so i will close this swap at 8 people. so 8 people, 2 patterns each and does not matter if they are dries or nymphs
  9. Count me in! I'll do a woven stone nymph pattern.
  10. alright flybill you're in
  11. SO that it's official here, we are just tying one pattern, 11 bugs, correct?
  12. well since we only have 9, i would tie 10 up just to allow for one more person. i am still trying to recruit one more. i will definately close it at 10
  13. I have.n't been in a swap for some time. I am only working one job now so I will join in. Give me a couple of days to pick my pattern. 10 bugs by March 1st is that correct?
    Hey Joe fish don't eat yellow sally dries? What's up with that. sometimes there is a hatch on the NF CDA that I thought was yellow sallys but maybe it is a big yellow mayfly?
    I have never been able to get a good look at one. I have a yellow sally pattern that has worked well in this situation but it probably looks too much lke a stimmie so it would be rejected by this astute group.
    jesse clark
  14. excellent jesse, that makes 10 and this swap is officially closed, notta and no more. jesse the deadline is mar 5 but mar 1 will certainly work. o.k. everyone 10 fles of one stonefly pattern and away we go.
  15. The Big Hole around Melrose gets a killer yellow sally hatch too and for some reason I can never get a dry that they love. They eat alot of different sally dries, but not anywhere close to the rate that they eat nymphs. I don't know why, maybe it's just my lack of confidence in sally dries???
  16. maybe it's just you
  17. That's probably it!
  18. just got home from a week in colorado and westerns killer stones were here when i arrived. western doesn't dick around
  19. Mike,

    Mine are done as well. Can you PM your address and I'll get mine in the mail this week.


  20. done

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