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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. solid work thomas
  2. Mike can you pm address. Flies going in mail today.
  3. address sent......
  4. also got calvin1"s stones today. this so far is one of the better swaps i've seen.
  5. last week to get those stones in on time. hopefully when i get back in town friday i'll have all the flies
  6. Flies en route.
  7. just got back into town and only 1 set came in. thomas mitchell the stones look sweet. still waiting on 4 sets
  8. i got NIrodneck and whit's flies today. just waiting on jergens and flybill's. i'll shoot them another pm
  9. i shot flybill and jergens a pm, but have no responses back yet. i'll let you guys decide but i figure i'll give it till the end of the week and if i don't hear anything then i will send out what i got.
  10. what do you guys think? it's been over aweek since i've heard from jergens or flybill. should i just send in the flies i got or hold out longer for these two?
  11. I'd probably give them to tomorrow (week overdue) and and then call it. Actually, it it had been me, the flies would have already been mailed and they would be SOL but I'm a jackass about these sorts of deadlines.

    If you do go ahead and mail, if you can use them, just keep my extras. Otherwise, you might shuffle the extras so no one gets an extra one of their own back or some such.

    Thanks again for hosting!

  12. I'm a jackass too and agree with Thomas.
  13. that's kind of what i was thinking. i will give it till tommorrow and then them out saturday and split up any extras, this is of course unless i hear from either one of them by tommorrow
  14. o.k. flies are divied up. everybody got at least 1 extra from somebody else and i keeped the other extras. they will go out tommorrow and pics will be posted soon
  15. Alright can't wait to get these flies and give them a workout.
    Thanks for being the swapmiester.

  16. Mike,

    Thanks for organizing and herding all the cats. The pictures look great and I can't wait to see the flies up close and personal. I'm hopefully going to get a chance to fish some Skwala's in Montana next month and am looking forward to field testing these patterns.

  17. i apologize everyone i did not get the flies out today. ihad back surgery a couple days ago and my back was sore today so i didn't get out but will get them out monday
  18. Flies look great! Guess this group was a bunch of skwala heads! My kind of people. Thanks Mike for hosting and the swappers for a great job on the flies.
  19. all flies are in the mail. everyone got at least one extra from somebody else
  20. Got mine today, strong work everyone cant wait to toss'em. Thanks again Mike for hosting man!!

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