Stoner's Bass Bug

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by hedburner, May 21, 2005.

  1. Cool name, no I didn't name it, got the pattern from a book from John F. McKim.
  2. Okay, so how do you other people get great looking pictures? I'm using this Gateway 4.1 mega pixel camera. It's kinda a trial run from a friend of mine, and I'm just learning how to use it. So I need some help! What kind of lighting, background, and settings on the camera work better? Thanks for any help.
    So how does the bug look?
  3. Looks like a pretty good pic to me. A blue or grey background generally photograph most easily.

    I bet that is a fantastic bass pattern!
  4. hedburner,

    In the gallery, under misc Equipment, tying stations, there is a picture of my portable fly studio. A couple cheap lamps from a local store, a small tripod and some matte board from a frame shop and your in business.

    If the white matte board under the fly doesn't reflect enough light to the bottom of the fly, i use a small hand mirror to reflect more light.

    Also, make sure you set your camera for incandescent light and turn off the flash.

  5. Make sure your camera has a "Macro" setting for close ups. The icon for "Macro" should be a flower.

    Lighting is also important! So is a tripod. Gets rid of the shakes!

    Slightly depressing the shutter button will focus the camera for the foto.

    Turn off the flash.

    Cheers :beer2:

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