Storing Steelhead Flies Efficiently

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by buckeyebrewer, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. buckeyebrewer

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    If you're like me you like to carry a million steelhead flies. I'm looking for the most efficient way to store them (using the least amount of space in my pack). I've traditionally used foam style fly boxes, but I'm wondering if compartment style would work better. I should add, I carry mostly eggs, nymphs, small buggers, etc.

    What do you use? If it's a fly box--what's your favorite? If something else--what works best for you?

    Post pics if you can.

  2. jake-e-boy

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    i just use a small plano with the foam taken out to accommodate my 1/2 chickens, since mostly tubes and shanks i just keep hooks in their packs
  3. JesseC

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  4. John Wallace

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    I have a little big fly wallet that I got of this site. Only one wallet. Don't carry to many flies.
  5. papafsh

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    I highly recommend Allen Fly Fishing boxes. The clear two-sided, waterproof, boxes are available in several sizes. I use three sizes LG-M-SM. For Steelhead or Trout, I find these boxes hold more fly's than anything else I've used.
    Allen Fly Fishing is a sponsor here too, so take a look at their website.

  6. Jason Rolfe

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    I like the compartment boxes for big fluffy things or other streamer like flies that don't have any fancy hackles I want to keep nice.

    For some of the "fancier" flies I carry around with me I have a box with slotted rubber that keeps everything nice and separated.

    Oh, and my hat.

  7. Chris Bellows

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    TSA approved quart sized ziplocs.
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  8. For smaller stuff like buggers and eggs I really liked C&F boxes with the little compartments for small stuff and the slotted foam rows for bigger flies that allow you to push the hook down into place rather than having to make new punctures every time that eventually wear out and wont hold a fly. For bigger articulated and shank flies I like rigid plastic plano compartment boxes for the fancy intruders and fin sport fly wallets for articulated leeches. For the fin sports I just use the binded plastic ziplocs and leave the foam covers at home to keep the bulk down. I used to put all my flies in regular old ziplocs but spent too much time untangling. Keep the tech simple and sparse.
  9. Salmo_g

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    I don't have a million steelhead flies. I barely stay ahead of my immediate need for bait. However I do have lots of fly boxes, I think 4 Wheatleys for steelhead flies. I always used one of those when I wore a fishing vest. Now I only carry the smaller Wheatley with my summer flies in a pocket when I'm using those. For winter flies I have mostly gone to this wallet thingy with a half dozen heavy duty zip lock plastic bags. It's easy to stuff a dozen flies each in 2 or 3 of the bags, and it takes up very little room in my smallish Fish Pond chest pack.

  10. SilverFly

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    I'd have to by a shit-ton of boxes for all my flies. For bulk storage I use sheets of closed cell poly foam cut to various sizes and stick the flies on them according to type and size. I then seal the sheets in ziploc bags. Then I pick and choose flies to load my boxes before fishing.

    I'm a cheap bastard though and get the foam from work for free since it comes with the packaging for many of the parts we use. Not sure where to get the stuff retail, but I'm sure it can be found somewhere. This kind of foam is flexible and tough. Not brittle and crumbly like polystyrene - although that would probably work OK too.
  11. bennysbuddy

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    I use recycled zip loc sandwich bags,I think the peanut butter scent enhances the fish catching ability of my flies & its good for the enviorment
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  12. Jeremy Floyd

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    Tie them onto a leader and put 6 to 12 in a pips box.. When you need one, pull it out and tie it on your thingamabobber.. You can store the fly, and the dropper fly with a 20 inch leader in the same box and retrieve either without messing up anything.. (hint, bead, and bead dropper)
  13. Luke77

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    Here's where most of mine go

  14. Darthmonkey

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    I always figured you for a Filson kinda guy Salmo.
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    I haven't worn the Filson in some years, but it still hangs in the closet. Tried it on a while back, and it apparently shrunk.

  16. speyfisher

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    I have several different models of fly boxes for storing flies. Most all of them the largest boxes that will fit in the large pockets of my old out dated rain jacket. Each box containing one particular style of fly. However, when it's time to fish, only a half dozen of whatever I determine to be appropriate at the time goes into a medium size C&F box with the micro slits, and stuffed inside my waders. The remainder stays in the car or the boat.
  17. David Dalan

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    I have a lot of gear that has done that. Must be closet goblins.

    Or junk food.

    Yeah, must be goblins.
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  18. David Dalan

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    So I guess this would not count... 2014-02-21 20.34.56.jpg
  19. skyrise

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    for "bulk/boat storage" i purchased some clear plano like plastic boxes with NO compartments. then kept some foam sheets from shipping/mail containers and cut them to fit the boxes. got some adhesive backed velcro in roll tape style and made strips to fit the boxes and foam. now i just fill the foam sheets with fly's and organize the sheets per usage. of course this was with the idea that i would use the boxes in the boat. but of course the boat sits in the yard in need of much repair and my boxes come and go out of the closet when i think there are not enough fly's in my vest for the day. yes oh So Smart.
  20. g_smolt

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    Ziplock Baggie - 3rd world Wheatley.

    I have a shit-ton of steelhead flies, but I only carry 8-10 while actually fishing.