Storing Steelhead Flies Efficiently

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by buckeyebrewer, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. HauntedByWaters

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    I like a Morell fly boxes. Simple and light. You can add straps to hold the big flies down tight.
  2. kamishak steve

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    I keep tons of flies on me while i am fishing, but not a lot of variety, just quantity of a few patterns. I have one of those clear plano boxes, and I jam as many as I possible can into the little compartments so when I get hung up I don't even hesitate, just bust off and I can tie another one knowing that I have a dozen more just like it. I keep a few flies in light and dark, some large and small, and organize them by color, so when they get wet, and the dye in the material bleeds, my pink/peach/white/orange flies don't turn grey because they were next to the black/purple ones. I keep a huge pile of split shot in the same box, and I am constantly adding or taking off shot so I am at the right depth so I don't have to mess with changing tips that often. I also do all my flies on tubes, and keep about 100 hooks in various sizes in the box so I can switch out quickly if they get dulled. With that set up I am pretty dialed in.
  3. Chris Johnson

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    I've gone to the Plano boxes because they are cheap. A few years ago I left my sling pack on the side of the road with most of my good boxes in it, CRS can be expensive!
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  5. I like the bugger barn if I'm carrying a bag with me. It's a little too big if I'm doing the "wader cramming" method.
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  6. jake-e-boy

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    best method hands down

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