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  1. I'm not mad. I had a spike and a doe out there yesterday morning around 7:30. In addition to topping a bunch of my strawberries, they tangled up my netting and knocked over a potted plant. When I went outside this morning the netting was all messed up again. Nice to check the camera and see it was a bigger buck.

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  2. Well there's your problem. Deer can't read.
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  3. These two mulie bachelors showed up at the house Saturday morning last weekend. The one is shaping up nicely and the other one is a year or two behind him.


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  4. the one on the left, especially! I'm going with modern rifle this year again, and if I'm hunting the orchards, I'll hunt off the new mountain bike. Maaaaaby I'll actually see a deer this season!
  5. I opened my garage door this morning and was face to face with him.
  6. mmmmmmmm, back strap
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  7. Back strap with just a hint of strawberry. Nice!
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  8. There's a whitetail doe that visits my back yard each evening (I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago) and eats my hostas. She, or something else, is also eating my tomatoes. Bad place for a veggie garden.
  9. In BC any garden past hope has a deer fence.

    Might want to lool into getting one!
  10. I'm thinking the placement of the gardens just fine from the deers point of view !
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