Streamer Swap - what next?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Andy, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Thank you to all that sent your streamers in on time. I have them ready to be sent out, but I am still waiting for Flip's. He sent them out in the mail last Tuesday, but I have not recieved them yet.
    If you want your streamers right now, let me know, I will send them out today, and if you want me to wait for Flip's to possibly show up, also let me know.
    There were some extras, and they have been scattered randomly around, so most of you will get duplicates of a few of them.

    Again, thank you for your patience.

  2. OK, so Flip sent them to the wrong address, how, I dont know, but he did.
    So they should be here by Wedensday if that helps.

  3. Andy,

    If you have Flip's flies in hand, cool, if not just send me those that you have. My address is on the container I sent them in.

  4. I'm sure I'll see Flip at some point this summer so just send me the ones you do have...
  5. well its been over two weeks since Flip said that he first sent them to me.....

    I'll send them out today on my way to the cedar.

  6. Yes please send what you have, I was begining to think this one was written off as a bad investment.
  7. Andy, I got the flies today. Nicely tied flies from one and all. My thanks to Andy for running the swap and to those who tied for it.

  8. Still haven't seen mine, did anyone else get their flies?:dunno
  9. Quote:
    "Still haven't seen mine, did anyone else get their flies?"

    I got mine on Friday. The White Wonder you tied was included and looks pretty fishy.
    Lots of cool fly in there, I hope you get yours.
  10. Fishboy
    Yea I got mine last Friday. Both you on Ron Eagle Elk tied a couple really nice flies and to who ever tied the bunny crayfish that is one mean looking big fly. All the rest are nice to. A nicely tied up bunch one and all.
    Hope you get yours soon.
    Xmas in June.
  11. received mine today. thanks andy. i will have to give mine a try when i'm in colorado in august.
  12. Glad you guys like my fly, that pattern has caught a bunch of fish for me. I still haven't seen my flies, knowing my luck they got lost in the mail! :reallymad
    Good luck fishing this weekend guys!:thumb

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