Streamer Swap?????

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Nate Dutton, May 24, 2007.

  1. Anyone interested in a streamer swap??? I am thinking of your favorite all around streamer, one to use for Bows, Cutts, Browns, and Bulls..If that gamet can be coverd...Let me know if anyone is interested...Maybe 8 tyers?? Probably and early June Deadline...So we could have the flies by the second week of june...I know it is fast buy hey why not!?
  2. I would like to play
  3. OK marty we might close this thread if there is no other intrest. :(
  4. I will play!! I will tie the Bully an articulated bull trout slaying machine that has taken multiple fish over the magical 40" mark.
  5. I'm in if you decide to run it.
  6. I've got a killer pattern if we have enough players. I'm in!!!
  7. OK Boys looks like we are gonna give it a go!!! You guys want one or two patterns??? If we do two we can defintly extend the due dates for people who don't have as much time to tie!! Let me know what you guys thing and we will try to get down pat when everyone responds...Also try to post patterns if you know what you want to tie!
  8. Great, lets do this!! My vote is for two big uglies a piece. I will tie what I call the Rocky Ford Special and a modified version of one of John Barr's patterns.:thumb:
  9. Ohhhhh, all right you talked me into it.
  10. Ohhh yea try to include materials list...either on the web site or in writing! Your guy's choice
  11. Tie, Tie, Tie, Tie your little hearts out!!!!!!!
  12. Well, I got the uglies tied up tonight after work. Ahh, yes I can't wait for a sunny morning on a clear flowing freestone river with a big ugly on the end of my line. Waiting for that huge jerk that almost rips the rod from your hands and you hold the rod in anticipation for a glimpse of what comes out of that deep hole.
  13. anyone else tying???????? It would be nince to know how you guys are doing!!
  14. Hi, Nate. Got partially done tonight!
  15. You know how much I got done this weekend......damn the booze
  16. Flies have been sent. I hope you all like them I went old school.
  17. Nate,

    Could you post for me and others, your address. I have them ready to be sent to you.
  18. Hey Guys address is 7803 W. Deschutes #s275 Kennewick, WA 99336
    IF you sent them to cheney address That i posted earier don't worry about it i will still get them! Looking forward to seeing the work!!!
  19. One set is done. The other set is being made. I willl get um out by next wednesday.
  20. awesome Guys look likes we will have all the flies in your hands by next friday if everything goes right!! Can't wait!!

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