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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Keaten LaBrel, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone up for a streamer swap? I'm talkin big, meaty, nasty, big trout slayin machines! 6-10 ppl would be nice...they'd be due sometime in march (more towards the end)..any takers?

    So far it looks like:
    1. me- articulated bunny and sculpnasty- RECEIVED
    2. Salmon Chaser- RECEIVED
    3. Eric T- RECEIVED
    4. Mumbles- Matuka and somethin else nasty- RECEIVED
    5. rotato- RECEIVED
    6. Islander- Lady in Red-RECEIVED
    7. seanengman- Drain's 20 and Ineedabeer-RECEIVED
    8. chattmr- sculpin and floating minnow-RECEIVED


    When you guys are ready to send your nasties send them to:

    3320 Great Northern Ave. A205
    Missoula, MT, 59808
  2. I'll bite, that is if you don't mind shipping North. No hard feelings if you want to stay in the US with this one.
    Salmon Chaser
  3. i'm in on this one.
  4. I dont have a problem shippen them north salmon're in!
  5. IN, tyinbugs tied up my first steelhead catching fly...I'll try to get him something that will begin to repay him (besides a beer).
  6. if there are no more takers by this weekend do you guys wanna tie 2 diff. patterns?
  7. Gulp, sure, I'll have to look up some patterns in a book or two. Whatever the swapmeister says this swap tier will do.
  8. sure, no problem with me.
  9. can i get in with a synthetic/ lama tube fly that crushed a 14 pound coho last year at sekeu sp.?
  10. heres a pic of the fish with some white hackle source

    Attached Files:

  11. rotato your in! that looks like good hackle by the way...i also have that type but its more of a calico coloration...haha
  12. Are you doing saltwater streamers or freshwater? I'd like to join in either way, just want to know what to tie.
  13. I was thinkin more of a freshwater swap...but whatever you want to tie is up to you!
  14. Aight guys...i'ma give it till tomorrow night at about 6...if there are no more takers we'll tie two a piece!! i'll keep you all posted with any updates!
  15. I'm in with something articulated or a tube. Can peeps state what there making so we don't get a bunch of wooly worms and bunny leaches... two flies sounds great.
  16. I'm in with two tubes. Drain's 20, and a variation of a classic I have taken the liberty to rename Ineedabeer.
  17. I think that there is a white bugger and a makula (spelling?) that I'd like to tie up. If there are any special streamer requests I'll give it a shot. Tyingbugs...what types of streamers do you use in MT...I owe you something that will catch fish for you locally.
  18. I'd like to get in on this action. I tie a lot of streamers.
  19. So there are 8 of us and we're tying 16 flies?(2 sets) 14 if we don't want our own back, correct? Just a suggestion but the original call for 2 patterns was because of low numbers involved, now with 8 tyers it seems like more than enough to only tie one pattern.
    Let me know swapmeister.
    Salmon Chaser
  20. i'm still in for 2 sets...let's fill up the box! not sure what I am tying yet, i will let you know soon.

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