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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Keaten LaBrel, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I'm in for two sets. I had planned to tie my sculpin pattern for one of them, but I see the swapmeister is already doing a sculpin. Anybody mind two sculpins?

    Not sure what else I will tie yet...
  2. love sculpins. bring em on.
  3. if you guys only want to tie one pattern then thats fine...for those of you who want to tie 2 then go for it...i'ma tie two patterns...

    tie up your sculpin chattmr. can never have enough of those!
  4. Anything you can think of will work over here!'s all good!...lookin forward to see what you come up with!:beer2:
  5. I did a bunch of other web searching while going through the WFF withdrawl shakes. I think that i'm gonna stick with a Matuka pattern for one fly and rather than tie the white bugger I've found a few otehrs that are big, meaty and claim to fish well. I have saved a bunch of them to my favorites and will compare the materials list to what I have on hand. I can meet the two week deadline for a pair of patterns, I need the practice tying anyway.
  6. March 16? How about March 31? Just suggesting... mostly because I have to hurry up and wait for some quality tubes and some jungle cock (that sounds sooooo dirty, I'm gonna call it jungle fowl).
  7. march 31 sounds good, that'll give us all a little extra time to come up with the dirtiest patterns! remember too that you guys can tie 1 OR 2 it all depends on what you want to do!
  8. Thats cool. I would prefer to share two patterns, I would also like to use copper tubes versus the cheap plastic ones. I need to tie some high quality flies to make up for all the SHIT I tied up when I first started tying. Hopefully I get that new jungle FOWL cape soon.
  9. The end of the month would be great for me as well. I just got back to reading everything and panicked when I saw two patterns and on the 16th. :eek:

    I can do two by the 31st no problem. I don't know what the second one will be yet but I'll do my "Lady in Red" streamer first. It's killer at Pass Lake.
  10. I echo everyone's sentiments on extending the deadline. I'm doing a sculpin and a "floating" minnow that fishes just below the surface...
  11. Been down for the last week with a virus,, lost everything on my pc,, i mean everything. Just got it back today and am starting from square one. I'll have my flies done and off to you in the next week. Prolly looking at a Black Ghost and a Magog Smelt
    Salmon Chaser
  12. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that i won't be able to send the flies out until mon. april 6 b/c my spring break falls between March 27-April 5 and i'll be busy slayin fish on the Mo and Bighorn rivers. you guys can send me the flies whenever you want...i just won't be able to send them out until i get the due date will be anytime as long as i have them by april 6 so they can go out that day!
  13. Cool, hey, about that little guppy in your avatar. Try to leave the little ones alone so they can grow up, alright?
  14. Found a pattern that looked appealing to me at Hawkins River Outfitters called the "Little Rascal". Of course I modified it a bit to make it look like another rabbit strip, hackle and maribou pattern...had the stuff and tied up a set. The first three sucked, so they made it into my box. I think these merit a spot in a streamer box...

    Hook - down eye streamer size 6 3XL
    Head - gold bead
    Tail - narrow white rabbit, I cut it myself
    Body - same rabbit strip up 2/3 of the shank
    Flash - both lateral lines and over top
    Under hackle - olive dyed hen 4 wraps
    Over hackle - white maribou 4 wraps

    Meaty enough to bring up a big bow, brown or bull? Do trout like white meat?

    The Matuka pattern I'm pondering will be dark and meaty. Do trout like dark meat?

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  15. great looking flies. do you care to hear my opinion?
  16. Opinions always welcome, the better I get the better flies everyone gets.
  17. Just me and maybe a few others out there, but I have found that cones or dumbells work better on streamers. Just my 2/10th's of a cent but figured you may want to try it if you haven't yet. Damn good looking fly. I love white patterns, they always seem to work when all else fails. Tight lines.
  18. That's it...well great. I like the olive that just peeks out of the white maribou hackle. I've got some cones that I'll be putting on another streamer. I did not want to only tie heavy as hell tougher to cast patterns and settled on the smallish gold bead. I've not fished streamers much other than buggers. Do some use unweighted patterns? Maybe lead wraps instead of beads/cones? I got some new streamer feathers to work on the other pattern, not sure how it will develop just yet. Thanks!
  19. The only time I fish un-weighted patterns is with a sink tip. Lead and beads is never a bad idea. Often with cones I make a smallish wrap of lead to slide just under the rear lip of the cone. That can be used to keep the cone tight to the eye and prevent the cone from slipping and spinning.
  20. BTW That fly will kill on the Clarkfork.

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