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  1. iagree
    That'll slay anywhere in Montana....lookin good mumbles!! i just finished mine camera battery is on the charger right now, as soon as its done i'll upload some photos!
  2. just got most of my supplies in the mail... just waiting on the jungle fowl and my new tying desk.
  3. Wow! Not many people would ask permission before launching in. Good on you SE!

    I agree that weight is almost always appropriate on the streamers. The only time I use unweighted ones is on a sinking line, and then only when I want to drift/twitch them in the current. I do sometimes fish floating streamers (in fact, I am tying some for this swap) on a sink line with aggressive movement...
  4. By the way Mumbles, those will slay the Stripers and Hybrids we fish for down here. Can't wait to try them out...
  5. Sorry that I've really been dragging on this one. I finished my white morsels a while back and posted a photo. Last night I finished my grey and natural ones. I realized today that I had omitted the weighted eyes that were recommended when I posted the white ones' photo a while back. I then proceeded to add them. I cemented the base and top so the eyes should hold up well. I've also started tying a black pattern that is weighted under the body wraps (I prefer a weighted fly not be weighted by barbell eyes I guess). So far only three have left my vice and not gone into my own box (where the lesser quality flies end up so that I'm not embarassd sending them to you because I'll fish them). I'm hopeful to tie up the five remaining black patterns so that you all get one...I've just found my surplus of rabbit much easier to work with than one type of yarn, two types of peacock herl, hackle feathers as streamers, two types of actual hackle counter wrapped to keep it from spinning the shit out of your leaders and then finishing. This black pattern is a pain in the ass (now would be a good time to say it looks killer if you want me to finish enough for you to try one).

    Photos below...where is my Makers Mark...I'm done tying for today.:beer2:

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  6. Mine will be in the mail on Monday. I'll get some pics of my patterns up shortly.
    Salmon Chaser
  7. Dude, I just got the rest of my feathers Monday. I haven't done more than tie up a couple of test subjects. They look nice and I think the next will be swapable. These flies are time consuming. No digital camera, therefore no pics... sorry. I actually have to switch the Drain's 20 to something else. I will make up a feather wing that will look nice. Tight lines.

  8. Since the Swap Master won't be home until the sixth I'm going to put off tying mine until I get back from the OP. I had wanted to get them out this week but with my other swap due on the 25th and getting ready to camp for 7-10 days I'm running out of time.

    Oh, hey Mumbles, Glad to see you finally got some clothes were scaring the fish.:eek:
  9. hey fellas im getting some tests done
    i gacked my thumb up pretty bad but im healing
    (we lost power when i was retro-ing some plumbing)
    stupid 1904 crap shack i live in

    i had stated i was going to tie a large saltwater coho tube
    is that cool or should i concentrate on river/ estuary patterns

    go dawgs
  10. that was my 100th post
    do i get a miny mumbles award?
  11. No award, mostly the masses will start fussing that you are posting too much. Now I say get to two hundred with a quickness. Sorry to hear about your thumb, I hope it heals fully and fast.
  12. I like the idea of the large saltwater tube, but I am definately the outlier of this bunch, so I will defer to the masses...
  13. If it is a fly I'll fish it. If someone tells me it is a salt water fly I will fish it from the beach. If someone tells me to hang it just above the muck in the lake I'll fish it from my tube or toon. Tie up what you wish as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Mumbles, I'm getting dizzy.
  15. Tyinbugs, you've got mail inbound. I finished them up a couple of days ago. I just did two patterns, both with rabbit. I got too frustrated with the third pattern, but I sent you one of the prototypes. SASE enclosed for the return journey. Thanks for hosting and tying up my first steelhead fly...I hope you catch some big nasty on one of these as repayment. Ed
  16. Mine are on the way as of today.
    I tied 16 Umpqua Perly-Bou's. 8 on a Size #2 Mustad 79580 and 8 on a #4
    These have been pretty solid for me as an early cold-water pattern on several varietys of trout and even Atlantic Salmon in high water conditions.
    Hope you guys pin one on them.
    Salmon Chaser
  17. Mine are in the works. On the way soon...
  18. OK, the "Ladies" are done. I'll take them to the PO today. I was running late so the second set is my variation of a Carey Special the Camo Carey. Simple fly but a great searching pattern, landed just about every type of trout on it. Rainbows, browns, cutties, and bulls have all bitten.

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  19. Nice looking flies Islander!
  20. my tubes got in the mail yesterday
    im out at the coast (lonbeach p.) looking at 30 knot onshore winds

    looking fwd to fishing these bad boys

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